Best NHL Betting Sites

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Best NHL Betting Sites

Thousands of bettors wager on the NHL everyday during the season online and most bettors don't have any problems. As long as you join an NHL betting site that has been around a long time without any payout issues you'll be fine. Many NHL betting sites have a history of slow paying winning bettors or not paying them at all. However, there are also quite a few NHL sportsbooks that payout bettors on time and without any hoops to jump through.

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In this guide we're going to take a look at the best NHL betting sites to wager with, so that all of our visitors can worry about making picks rather than worry about whether or not there money is safe. We only recommend the best NHL betting sites that have been in the industry for a long time and have a proven track record of timely payouts. There are also other important factors that we considered when reviewing the best NHL betting sites including bonuses, payment options and quality of odds.

» Best NHL Betting Sites

When you're joining an online sportsbook you need to consider certain things. If you want to mainly bet on NHL games you need to join a sportsbook that focuses on hockey betting markets rather than soccer betting markets. A lot of sportsbooks offer odds on the NHL, but the selection of bets is brutal and the odds are typically horrible compared to the odds that you'll be able to bet on at the best NHL betting sites.

Some online sportsbooks offer live betting on NHL games as well, so if you want to try betting on games live as they're being played we recommend joining one of the best NHL betting sites listed below. You won't be able to bet on a lot of NHL games live, but it's still fun to try out when it's being offered by an online sportsbook.

  • Bodog is the best NHL betting site right now for most bettors that are looking to wager under $1000/game. Bodog offers lots of great promotions during the NHL season and they have excellent NHL odds. You can wager up to $500 on game total bets and up to $1000 on moneyline bets on NHL games at the Bodog Sportsbook. The selection of NHL bets at Bodog is also better than most NHL betting sites plus you'll be able to bet on NHL games live.

  • If you live outside of North America you'll want to check out Bet365 if you want to bet on the NHL. Bet365 will offer live betting on NHL games from time to time and they also provide lots of NHL betting options. Bet365 is one of the oldest bookmakers in the world and has never ripped any bettors off, which makes Bet365 one of the safest sites to bet on the NHL.

  • 5Dimes accepts bettors from every country in the world practically and offer plenty of deposit options. I always bet at 5dimes and they have very competitive odds on NHL games when compared to other bookmakers. There are tons of betting options including live betting on certain NHL games each week and the minimum bets are small. You'll always receive payouts from 5Dimes and they rarely ever limit a player's action.

The three NHL betting sites listed above are easily the best of the best and we highly recommend each one. You should open accounts at each of the three NHL sportsbooks, as that way you can use all 3 to find the best NHL odds on the games that you want to wager on. The NHL is a hard sport to consistently win money on, but to help you get started we recommend reading our other NHL betting strategy articles before you begin betting.