Best UFC Betting Sites

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Best UFC Betting Sites

The 1st thing every person needs to do before betting on the UFC online is find a UFC betting site. There are hundreds of online sports betting sites that bettors can sign-up for, but a lot of them can't be trusted. If you want to actually receive your winnings from the UFC sportsbook you bet with, you need to make sure you join a reputable UFC betting site. There are a lot of factors to consider before joining a UFC betting site and we're going to take a quick look at the important factors below.

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» Best UFC Betting Sites Features

  • First and foremost, you want to make sure that you join a safe UFC betting site that's going to payout your winnings without any hassles.
  • Depositing into some online sportsbooks has become more difficult due to certain restrictions in some countries. It's important that you join a UFC betting site that offers ample payment methods and a secure cashier.
  • A number of sports betting sites offer odds on the UFC, but the odds are horrible. We only recommend the bookies with the best UFC betting odds.
  • The selection of UFC bets is important as well. If you want to bet on UFC prop bets such as the Fight of the Night award you'll only find betting lines available at a couple UFC sportsbooks.
  • UFC betting sites always offer new bettors some type of match bonus or free bet. Make sure you read the terms before accepting any sports betting bonus because some of the bonuses have horrible terms and conditions.
  • Last, but not least, you should join a UFC betting site that offers good betting limits. Some sportsbooks only allow bettors to place $50-$100 on a UFC fight, but the best UFC betting sites will have much higher betting limits.

» Best UFC Betting Sites

  • #1 UFC Betting Site for Americans / Canadians - 5Dimes Sportsbook
  • 5Dimes accepts bettors from around the world, but most of their clientele lives in the USA and Canada. If you plan on betting on the UFC regularly or other MMA promotions, 5Dimes is the place to bet. 5Dimes has one of the biggest selections of UFC bets that include straight wagers, parlays and prop bets. You can bet on the FOTN, SOTN and KOTN at 5Dimes and the sportsbook is known to have the best UFC odds on most fights.

  • #2 UFC Betting Site for Americans / Canadians - Bodog Sportsbook
  • Bodog Sportsbook still accepts players from countries all over the world including the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia. If you want to bet on UFC fights you'll be able to place straight wagers and parlays at Bodog. Bodog doesn't offer any other type of UFC bets, but the reason you want to have a Bodog account is for when you want to bet underdogs. Bodog has some of the best lines on UFC underdogs every event and you should know how important line shopping is by now when betting on the UFC.

  • #3 UFC Betting Site for Europeans / UK - Bet365 Sportsbook
  • Bet365 has been losing some of its market share in the sports betting industry in Europe and the UK, but they still have a huge market share of UFC bettors. Bet365 offers betting odds on every UFC fight and they also offer special UFC prop bets including SOTN, KOTN and FOTN. Bet365 offer great odds on UFC events and they have good betting limits considering that they're a European/UK bookmaker. Bet365 is by far the best UFC betting site for UK and European bettors and we highly recommend joining them.