College Football Bowl Game Betting Strategy

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College Football Bowl Game Betting Strategy

The college football bowl game season is one of the biggest and best times for a sports bettor. With that being said, it's a time where you need to be focused in on making sure that you are taking time to research and get the best bets down that you possibly can. With so many different betting options on the many bowl games, there is definitely some strategy behind betting on them, and a few ways to be a profitable bettor during bowl season. Today we are going to take a look at some tips and strategy behind college football bowl game season, with things ranging from money management to angles that you should look for in terms of teams and players.

» Only Betting Five Star Games

When I say five star games, that simply means finding the games that give you the best betting angles and the best overall games to bet on. When you go through your bets and rank them on a scale, you should set up rankings as one, two, three, four, or five stars. Realistically, you should just stick with betting on the five star games, and if you feel strong about a four star game then you can put a small bet down on a game or two. Not getting too crazy with your bets is important, because if you start throwing money around it can leave you taking some tough down swings.

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» Avoiding Specific Betting Angles

Ranked teams vs. non ranked teams is one angle that bettors use at times that you should definitely be avoiding. If you get caught in to betting on a team who is ranked because of their ranking, that can be a very bad decision to make. Often times the underdog teams come in with something to prove, while the team who is ranked feels like they are entitled to a big win. Actually this could be a good angle to bet on the other side, but you'd have to research the specific game before deciding that. This is just one of the many different betting angles that you should avoid checking out.

» Underdogs

I can't talk enough about how important it is to not overlook the option to bet on underdogs straight up. There are definitely a good number of upsets that happen in bowl games, and if you can find the right angles on underdogs you can get some great bets down, and even some great parlays as well. Parlaying underdogs on the money line with big odds is going to pay out nicely, and it's definitely worth taking the time to do the research on to find these strong bets. Don't throw money down on underdogs just because the line is close though, and we can't talk enough about taking the time to do research on games. Underdogs aren't the easiest things to find when looking for teams who can win straight up, so it's incredibly important to look for good spots and good teams who are underdogs. One spot you could consider is a team who is on a hot streak or simply coming off of a big win or two.