College Football Teaser Betting Strategy

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College Football Teaser Betting Strategy

Teaser betting is widely considered to be one of the most profitable ways to bet on College Football. Teaser bets, are basically parlay's that use adjusted point spreads. Typically you modify the spread by either 6, 6.5, or 7 points. So for example, if the Florida State Seminoles are playing the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Hokies are +2, if you used a 6 point teasier, it would make the Hokies +8. If you have done some sports betting in your life, you know that being an eight point underdog is quite a bit different than being a two point underdog. So say that you do a three team teaser, with the Hokies now +8, and also take the Penn State Nittany Lions who were originally -7, but now you now make them -1 against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Throw in the North Carolina State Wolfpack who were +4 against the North Carolina Tar Heels, and they are now +10.

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Essentially you just took three teams and avoided needing an entire touchdown one way or the other. For the Hokies, you went from needing them to almost win the game outright to cover, to being able to lose by more than a touchdown to win your bet. On Penn State, the Nittany Lions had to win by a touchdown for you to win your bet, but now they just have to win the game outright. And on North Carolina State, they just need to keep the game within 10 against the Tar Heels instead of within four.

It seems easy, but betting on College Football teaser's isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. A lot of spots are still very tough calls, and you need to make sure to not go too crazy with your Teaser bets. For example, some tough calls on teaser bets could be if a team is +7, and you place a teaser bet to make them +13. This would mean that the team would need to lose by less than two touchdowns (which if they are a one touchdown favorite, it's very possible that they lose by two). Now if that team was +9, and you placed a teaser to make it +15, that's a totally different ball game. This would mean that their opponent would now need to win by at least two touchdowns and a field goal, or three touchdowns just to beat you.

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When it comes to Teaser bets in College Football, just always remember that you want to put the team that you are placing the bet on in the BEST possible position. And also remember that some of your favorite games to bet the spread, might not be your favorite games to bet a teaser on. A lot of your teaser betting options will depend on the starting point spread.