Golf Match-Up Betting Considerations

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Golf Match-Up Betting Considerations

Golf betting has grown in popularity quite a bit over the past few years, and has expanded their options for the types of bets offered on the sport. Of course each bookmaker does their golf betting options differently, but one of the more popular golf betting types is match-up betting. The idea behind this bet is that instead of having to pick one player against the entire field, you are picking one player against another player. These bets typically don't have much to do with the outcome of the entire event (unless the two players make it to the end and are at the top of the leader board), but are great betting options.

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Each bet will have one golfer as the favorite, and one as the underdog. These matchings are fairly random, meaning that one match-up could be very close to a pick, and the other one could have one very heavy favorite. These bets are either set up on a daily basis for the tournament, or for a match-up that will go for the entire length of the tournament (if both players make it that far). On top of the normal head to head match-up bets, some sites will also offer group betting, where there are 3 to 5 players with odds, and you get to pick one player out of the group to beat the rest. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to betting on golf match-ups:

» How Have the Players' Played Lately?

Simply put, has each player been on their game lately, or have they been struggling? Obviously this is a great edge when it comes to the bets. If you have one player who just recently won a tournament, against a player who missed the cut early and seemed out of it; then you have a good betting spot. Another thing to consider is the fact that some players have the chance to gain points to move up in the world rankings or in things like the FedEx cup rankings. If you have a player who is in a race to be near the top of one of these two leader boards, strongly consider putting a bet on their side. First off this means that the player has been strong consistently, and also that they are making a push to be considered one of the best in the game.

» What's the Course Like?

This one can take a bit more time to research, but it can definitely be worth it. If the course is considered one of the toughest courses for putting, you probably wouldn't want to go with the player who struggles on putting. Check out each players' results on this course over the past few years, do they do extremely well on this course? Not very well? Take that into account. Just because someone is playing pretty well at the time, doesn't mean that they will all of the sudden be able dominate a course that has given them fits in the past. There are multiple things similar to these to check into about the course, but the two listed above are definitely the most important things to check into. A players history on a course or a type of course can tell a big story about their future on those types of courses.