How to Get Maximum Value When Betting

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How to Get Maximum Value When Betting

One question that most sports bettors simply don't even ask themselves is how to get maximum value when betting. If you aren't asking yourself this question, chances are you're not getting the maximum value when betting. There are plenty of ways to find value when betting on sports including finding soft lines and understanding every type of bet you can make such as teasers, pleasers and parlays.

Find the Best Betting Line

The easiest way to get the maximum value on your bet is to do some line shopping. Even recreational sports bettors can take a couple minutes to find out where the best line originates from. There isn't simply one online sportsbook with the best odds and you'll need to consider the sport you're betting on. If you're betting on a MLB game than chances are you'll find the best line at a sportsbook like 5Dimes, as they offer overnight $.05 lines.

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Bet Correlated Parlays

Parlays are usually sucker bets, as the payout odds aren't even close to the true odds that you'd win if you bet the games on their own without putting them into a parlay together. One way to get maximum value when betting on parlays to bet on correlated parlays, which means bet on two outcomes that are in someway related to each other. An example of a correlated parlay would be betting the Dallas Cowboys to beat the Philadelphia Eagles by -3 and the Over 40 in the same game. Chances are if the Cowboys win by 3+ points they'll need to score a lot and the game should soar over the total. Some online sportsbooks don't allow bettors to bet on correlated parlays, so check with your bookie before placing this type of bet.

Should You Buy Points in Point Spread Wagers

You shouldn't ever buy points in the NBA because a point isn't valuable at all and it's a losing proposition to buy points in the NBA. However, there are times that you'll get better value in the NFL from buying points. Most sports bettors don't have the time to do the math involved in figuring out whether buying points is worth it. Basically you need to figure out how much a point is worth and then compare to the two odds. For instance, if the Cowboys need to win by -3 -110 and you can buy a half point for $.10 to make the new spread -2.5 you should definitely do it because moving the spread off a key number like 3 in football is very valuable.

Hunt Down Soft Lines

Online sportsbooks don't all use the same software and many of them hire there own in-house handicapping team to set and change the odds in sporting events all day. If you notice that a line has just jumped from -3 to -5 at a bookie (Steam Play) and you notice that another bookie still has the line at -3 you should jump on the soft line before it moves. This isn't always going to produce winners, but if you end up with a better line than the closing line in sports you'll generally do very well.