How to Increase Profits from Betting on the UFC

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How to Increase Profits from Betting on the UFC

You wouldn't believe how many UFC bettors I talk to that leave money on the table while betting. Everyone that bets on the UFC is betting because they want to turn a profit and make some money. In order to make the most amount of money from betting on the UFC you need to make sure you shop around for the best lines at the online sportsbooks. UFC betting sites will post different odds than each other and therefore as bettors looking to make money, we need to hunt down the best lines.

Most UFC bettors don't line shop for one simple reason and that's because they don't think it makes a big enough difference, but they couldn't be more wrong. We're going to take a look at an example below of how you could have increase your profits from betting on the UFC by taking a few minutes and shopping for the best UFC betting line of a fight.

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UFC133 is coming up in about a month, so we're going to use that event as our example. The main event at UFC133 is going to be between Rashad Evans and Phil Davis. Let's take a quick look at the odds for this fight at various online sportsbooks quickly.

  • Bookmaker is listing the odds on Phil Davis at -105 while 5Dimes is listing Davis at +115
  • If you wanted to win $100 profit by betting on Phil Davis to win the fight you'd need to wager $105 to win $100 at Bookmaker or you'd need to wager roughly $87 to win $100. You can quickly tell that you'd save $18 by betting on this fight at 5Dimes before the fight even begins, which is 18% of your potential profit. As you can see, betting on the best line is very important in the UFC because the betting lines vary so much from sportsbook to sportsbook.

    I've been betting on the UFC for a long time now and from my experience the best sportsbook for UFC odds is 5Dimes. Bodog can also have excellent UFC odds if you're looking to bet on an underdog, so these two sportsbooks are essential if you want to bet on the UFC.

    If you'd like to find the best UFC betting lines before placing your wager you don't need to visit every bookie to check out the lines. There are tools online that compare UFC betting odds from 10+ sportsbooks to ensure you always find the best line. You do need to be careful about who you place wagers with though, which is why we recommend 5Dimes and Bodog if you're going to be betting on the UFC a lot.

    » Bet Your Best Picks

    Lots of inexperienced UFC bettors like spreading their bankroll around between lots of picks. For instance, many bettors will take their $200 bankroll and put $50 on four fighters to spread the risk around. The problem is you need to go 3-1 or 4-0 in order to turn a profit the majority of the time, which isn't easy for anyone. Rather than put $50 on four fights to spread the risk around you should put $50 on your top 1-2 picks and keep the rest of your bankroll for the next UFC event in case you lose.

    » Check Out Other MMA Promotions

    If you follow Strikeforce, Bellator or any other MMA promotion, chances are you can bet on the fights online. The UFC is ultra competitive and can be hard to predict, but many other MMA promotions are easier to predict. The favourites tend to do a lot better in the smaller MMA promotions and there is tons of value currently betting on other MMA promotions. Don't force any bets if you don't follow other MMA promotions, but if you follow other promotions there is no reason to only bet on the UFC.