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Live Betting Tips & Strategies

Live betting is a growing market in the sports betting industry and more online sportsbooks have started offering live betting platforms. Betting on sports live adds a whole new dimension to sports betting and it can be profitable if you know what you're doing. Only certain sportsbooks have live betting right now and the number of games offered in the live betting platform isn't that many normally. The European/UK sportsbooks offer a lot more live betting markets (Soccer, Tennis, Basketball) than the North American sportsbooks (NHL, NFL, MLB).

Generally, online sportsbooks have a small limit on how much you can bet on a single game in live betting. All of your bets on that game will be combined to determine whether you're at the betting limit set by your sportsbook, so make sure you find out how much you can bet before you open up to many positions in the live betting market. The sports you plan on betting live will reflect the type of strategy that you try using.

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For instance, a lot of live NBA bettors will try and middle out positions on the games that they can bet live. Typically you can bet on the game live on every commercial and the point spread will constantly change based on the score in the game. Let's say that you bet on the favourite in an NBA game at -3 before the game starts and your team gets off to a 12-0 lead. The live betting platform will post a new point spread and lets assume it's -12/+12. You could now bet on the underdog at +12 and hope to middle the game and win both of the bets.

Live betting also works for people that follow their favourite team or home team. You can watch the 1st part of the game and find out how your team is performing before you decide if you want to place a bet on the game. Sports fans tend to learn when their teams are clicking on all cylinders and with live betting you don't need to bet before the game starts anymore. Live betting can also be used to help lower the juice on a bet. If an underdog gets out to a good start the live betting odds will reflect this and you'll be able to bet on the favoured team with a lot less risk than if you had bet the favourite at the start of the game.

Live Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges offer sports handicappers with the time to make a lot of money with "Sure Bets". On a betting exchange you bet against other real people rather than against the bookie. You can therefore guarantee profits as long as you're betting on an event that's got enough liquidity. If isn't uncommon to be able to make 20% guaranteed profit by using betting exchanges and making bets during sporting events, but of course you can't make unlimited money. You can only make as much as other people are willing to bet.