Looking at Pitching in MLB Betting

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Looking at Pitching in MLB Betting

While selecting between two pitchers won't find you the winner of an MLB game, it can definitely begin putting you in the right direction towards who to bet. Pitching match-ups aren't the only thing to look at though when you are attempting to decide who to place your bet on. There are multiple different things to consider when it comes to a pitching match-up, or just pitchers in general, to make sure that you make the best bet possible. Let's take a look at some things to take into account when it comes to pitching.

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» Recent Starts

It can be a bit misleading if a pitcher is 10-4 on the season. Which is why you shouldn't only look at their overall record. When betting on an MLB game and taking pitching into consideration, you should really only look at the pitchers last 2-3 starts. That is how you can get a feel for how the pitcher has done recently. How a pitcher did in the first game of the season can't really factor in to a decision after 14 starts. Now this should be looked at from both sides though. A pitcher may be 3-8, but have won 3 games in a row going into their upcoming match-up. A simple 3-8 record doesn't tell a story of a pitchers' current play.

» Where's The Game At?

Always remember to check a pitchers stats at the ball park that the game is being playing at. You'll find some interesting random facts on a pitcher who has done incredibly well or incredibly bad at the specific ball park that the game is being played at. A lot of pitchers will feel more comfortable or just throw the ball better overall at one field over the other, as crazy as that sounds.

» See How a Pitcher Has Done vs. Opponent

Another interesting place to look for stats. Look at a pitcher's lifetime record against an opponent. The worst thing that could happen is that you flip on the TV to watch the team you bet, just to find out that the pitcher they're going against is 9-1 lifetime against them. This stat shouldn't make or break your decision to bet a team, but it should weigh heavily on your decision.

» Check the Following Stats

Instead of just looking at a pitchers' earned run average, look at stats like- strikeouts per 9 innings, strikeout to walk ratio, and home runs allowed per 9 innings. All of these statistics are ones that the pitchers control, and will go a long way to telling the story about how a pitcher has done this season. You never want to take a pitcher who walks a lot of batters, gives up a lot of home runs, or can't strike anyone out. Picking someone who has all of those traits, is just asking for trouble.

» Pitchers vs. Hitters

Now this angle won't make any decisions on your MLB bets for you, but it could give you some extra information. Look at how a pitcher has done against some of the stronger bats in the opponent's lineup. The reason that you can't base a pick solely on this, is because you'd have to see that the pitcher has been dominant over at least a half to 3/4 of the opponents' starting lineup. But seeing a pitcher who has done very well against the other teams' stars is a nice advantage.