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MLB Betting Odds

If you are betting on MLB then chances are you're using an American sportsbook, which means you will be using moneyline odds. If you have never seen a moneyline wager before we will quickly show you how to read MLB moneyline odds.

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» Moneyline Odds

  • Minnesota Twins -120 vs. Detroit Tigers +110

In the MLB moneyline wager above, Minnesota is the favoured team, which you can determine by the negative sign in front of the actual odds. A $12 wager on the Twins would net you a $10 profit while a $10 bet on the Tigers would net you an $11 profit.

» Runline Odds

  • Minnesota Twins -1.5 +150 vs. Detroit Tigers +1.5 -140

With a runline bet you can bet on the favoured team to win by 2+ runs or the underdog not to lose by more then 1 run. If you don't want to risk the juice on a moneyline favourite, you can bet the runline and turn the odds in your favour. By betting $10 on the Twins to win the game by -1.5 runs, you would be able to win $15.

» Over/Under Odds

  • Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers O9 -110 U9 +100

The odds tend to be right around even money when you wager on over/under bets in MLB and you only need to risk a bit of juice. In the example above you could bet on both teams scoring over 9 runs or under 9 runs. An $11 bet on the over would net you $10 profit while a $10 bet on the under would earn you $10 profit.

MLB is a great sport to bet on because there are games basically everyday during the long season. Every team plays 162 games during the regular season, so there are 1000's of baseball games to bet on. Online sportbooks provide tons of ways to bet on baseball including moneyline bets, runline bets, over/under bets, futures bets, prop bets and parlays. You can also bet on the 1st 5 innings of baseball games with some of the US sportbooks.

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