NBA Finals Future Betting Tips

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NBA Finals Future Betting Tips

If there's one thing that you may have noticed about betting on the NBA Finals in terms of a future betting, it's that you really need to narrow it down to the top few teams and make your picks from there. In the NBA, it's tough to find underdogs who really get hot and can make that run to come out of nowhere. It's not quite like the MLB, NHL, or even the NFL to some extent. There are probably 3-4 teams every season who are expected to contend for the NBA Championship, and outside of those teams, it's almost a complete shocker that they make a deep run in the postseason. With that being said, today we are going to take a look at some tips and strategy for betting on the NBA Finals form a futures perspective

» Multiple Teams

The first thing that you need to be sure to do is to narrow it down to probably 2-3 teams that you can bet on. You really can only do this if the odds allow you to though. What I mean by that is if you are betting on teams who are +250 and you take three of them who are featuring those low odds (which doesn't happen often) then you aren't going to get any return on your bet. With that being said, if you can get a team who is +400 and a team who is +500 to bet on, then it's a good option as you are going to make a profit if either of those two teams get the job done.

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» Superstars

It sounds cliche, but betting on a superstar to lead a team is the way to go. If you think back to the recent NBA Finals winners, then you are going to see a superstar on the bulk of those teams. Superstars get the job done when it matters most, and it definitely helps if they have a solid group of players around them as well. Obviously some of the teams with superstars are going to have odds that don't pay out well, and if you are going to bet on the heavy favorites then it may end up being your only futures bet on the NBA Championship.

» Don't Get Crazy

It may be obvious, but don't put down many crazy bets on the major long shots in the NBA. Even if it's a team who is expected to be around a 6-8 seed in the NBA Playoffs, these teams just aren't likely to be able to win seven game series' consistently through the playoffs and win the NBA Finals. In the NBA, it simply doesn't happen enough to be worth the bet. If you want to take an underdog bet then you should look for the teams who you think will end up as seeds 3-5 in the conference, as these teams will have an easier first round match-up and a better chance to get momentum going.