NBA Teaser Betting Strategy

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NBA Teaser Betting Strategy

Lots of NBA bettors have trouble avoiding the lure of betting on NBA teasers and I don't blame them. A teaser bet is when you receive points off of a point spread or over/under total in your favour. You need to bet at least two games on a teaser and you can bet up to 15 games at some NBA betting sites, but obviously betting that many games is a bad idea.

  • Toronto Raptors -7.5 -110 vs. Sacramento Kings +7.5 -110
  • Los Angeles Lakers -8.5 -110 vs. New York Knicks +8.5 -110
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NBA teasers start at 4 points online and the most common teasers are 4-6 points. Some NBA sportsbooks let you buy a lot of points, but the house edge becomes incredibly high and they simply aren't feasible. The more games you add to your teaser the bigger the house edge grows gets for the most part, which is why sportsbooks love offering a lot of teaser options.

If we want to tease the two games in our example above this is how it'd work. For the sake of this guide we're going to assume that we're betting on a 4.5 point teaser, as it's the most commonly bet teaser in the NBA. If we teased the Raptors and Lakers by 4.5 points the new spreads would become Raptors -3 and Lakers -4. The biggest strategy when betting on NBA teasers is to ensure you're betting with the best sportsbook.

Many online sportsbooks will offer 2-team 4.5 point teasers at -120, which makes it nearly impossible to turn a profit over the long run, as the house edge is way too high. 5Dimes Sportsbook offers 2-team 4.5 point teasers at +101 and the best part is that ties count as a win. Since ties count as a win, the Raptors could win by 3 and the Lakers could win by 4 in our example above and both bets would be graded a win since ties count as a win.

When you tease NBA games by 4.5 points at 5Dimes you need to make sure you tease to a whole number like our example above. If you tease a point spread from -8 to -3.5 you're losing the benefit of being able to tie, which isn't smart. In order to remain profitable betting 2-team 4.5 point teasers at +101 you only need to win roughly 49% of your NBA teasers, which means each game you tease needs to win about 70% of the time or else you won't be profitable.

Teasing NBA games by 4.5 points might seem like a great idea, but you can't simply tease every game or else you're going to lose a ton of money based on data from the past few seasons. In the NBA there aren't really key numbers to cross like in the NFL, which makes betting NBA teasers much more difficult. If you look back at the past few seasons you'll be able to see that the most common # of points separating teams at the end of a game are 5 and 7.

Since more games finish with one team winning by 5-7 points you want to try and cross these two numbers when you're betting on an NBA teaser. This means you should tease games when the favourite is favoured by -7.5 - -9.5 points and you should tease underdogs when they're underdogs of +2.5 - +4.5 points.

A couple things to avoid when betting on NBA teasers include not teasing NBA game totals and not teasing a game simply because it seems like a great idea to receive some extra points. Points in the NBA aren't that valuable and teasing every game would result in a loss. If you tease games that cross the key numbers mentioned above than you'll end up making a profit most seasons. Overall NBA teasers shouldn't be a huge part of your NBA betting strategy, as finding valuable bets that are +EV isn't that easy on NBA teasers.