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NFL Betting Odds

The NFL is by far the most popular sport in the United States and betting on the sport is big business. Billions of dollars is wagered on the NFL every season even though many sports handicappers believe the NFL to be one of the most difficult sports to predict. Due to the large amount of action on every NFL game the sportbooks spend the entire week making sure they have the sharpest odds possible. You will find that a lot of games end up finishing within a FG of the point spread posted by the online sportbooks.

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» NFL Moneyline Odds

The only time handicappers really bet on the moneyline in the NFL is when two close teams are playing or when you have a feeling that an underdog is going to win the game. Betting on a big favourite on the moneyline is completely non-sensible and you will end up broke in no time if you employ this betting strategy.

  • Philadelphia Eagles -300 vs. Buffalo Bills +220

Since these two teams aren't really matched up that evenly, the Eagles have been set as huge favourites. You would need to bet $30 just to try and win $10, which isn't a smart bet in anyway, shape or form. If you thought the Bills had a chance at walking away with the win, you could make a small $10 bet and potentially win $22 if they managed to win the game.

» NFL Point Spread Odds

Pretty much everyone that bets on the NFL will bet on point spread wagers. Online sportbooks set point spreads on every game in the NFL and it's your job to decide whether the favourite will win by more then the spread.

  • Philadelphia Eagles -10.5 vs. Buffalo Bills +10.5

The odds on a point spread bet will typically be -110 on both teams unless a lot of action is coming in on one side, in which case the odds will change slightly. The bookies figure that the Eagles are better then the Bills by about 10 points, so it's your job to decide whether the Eagles will win the game by 11 points or not. The Bills could lose the game by 10 points, but if you bet them on the NFL point spread, you would still win the bet.

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