NFL Bye Week Betting Strategies

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NFL Bye Week Betting Strategies

If you've bet on the NFL in the past you've probably bet on an NFL team coming off of their bye week, but you most likely didn't put any extra value into the fact that the team is coming off of a bye week. Some of the best NFL handicappers in the world have studied bye week betting strategies for years and they've come up with some interesting information that may help you find some extra winners next NFL season.

What is the Bye Week?

The NFL used to play without a bye week, but in 1990 the NFL decided to create a bye week. Every team receives one bye week every season in the NFL, but that doesn't mean you can blindly bet a team coming off their bye week because that simply isn't going to post a profit over the long-turn. During the bye week teams basically rest up, practice and in some cases the team makes roster changes or game plan changes. Once the bye week is over the team is usually rested, focused, prepared and ready to go to battle and pick up a win. In the NFL every single game counts and no team wants to lose the game after the bye week, as it usually begins a streak of losing.

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NFL Bye Week Betting Strategies

Obviously every team benefits from the bye week, as they all get to rest and prepare for their next game for two weeks, but not every team will benefit as much from the bye week. Since the bye week was introduced back in 1990 the better teams have done better statistically coming off a bye week. The past few years we've seen some teams struggle to pick up a victory and clearly the bye week haven't helped some of those teams, which is why you can't just bet on every team to win coming off of their bye week.

Over the past few years favourites have fared a lot better coming off of the bye week, especially big favourites. If you can find a big favourite of -14 or higher coming off of the bye week you should consider betting on them. Road favourites also have a very good record ATS in recent history coming off of the bye week, so make sure you look out for them. Trends don't last forever in the world of sports betting and you can always find some sort of trend on a game.

However, with bye week trends it seems that better teams have an advantage that you can exploit. If a team is coming off of a bye week and they're one of the top teams in the NFL they always seem prepared to come out and get a win. You don't need to bet on every team's bye week, but if you can find 5-10 games a year to bet on you should come out ahead using the strategy I've listed above. Part of the reason road favourites have done well after the bye week is because the lines are soft, as a lot of the public avoid betting road favourites in the NFL and therefore the spreads are lower than they should be.