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NHL Home Team Betting System

The NHL is one of the hardest sports to bet and make consistent profits every season. Lots of NHL handicappers lose money each season and even many sharp bettors have trouble making money on the NHL. The problem with betting on the NHL is that any team can win on any given night. The best team during the regular season in 2010-11 was the Vancouver Canucks, as they ended the season with a 54-19-9 record whereas the worst team, Edmonton Oilers finished with a record of 25-45-12.

The Canucks and Oilers didn't finish that close together, but it's not that big of a difference considering that the Canucks were the best team in the NHL and the Oilers were the worst team in the NHL. If you simply try betting on NHL games night in and night out without any strategy you're most likely going to lose over the long-run. There are no systems that you can use that will guarantee you a profit in the NHL, but there are methods to help increase your chances of being profitable.

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One of the NHL betting systems that I want to talk about is the home team system. You need to have time to handicap each series in order to be able to use the system effectively, but it's a great system to make some money. You're going to need to make sure you have a big enough bankroll to handle some losses or else the system isn't going to work. The idea behind the system is to wager on the home team in a series until they win 1 game.

For instance, if the Red Wings are playing the Devils at home for a 3-game series you'd bet the Red Wings until they win 1 of the games. If the Red Wings lose the 1st game you need to double your bet, so that you win back the losses from the 1st game plus win a unit of profit. This type of betting system is known as a martingale system because you need to double your wager each time the home team loses. The benefit of this system is that the worst you can lose is 3-games in a row, so it's not like you're continually doubling your wager until you win a game.

We don't recommend betting on 4-game series because you don't want to lose 4-games in a row while doubling your bet each time. You also can't bet on every home series if you want to make money. While it's rare for a home team to be swept in a home series it definitely happens every NHL season. To increase your chances of winning while using this system you need to make sure that you research every series.

You should only bet on home series when the home team has a winning percentage at home. Most teams have a winning percentage at home, so to narrow it down even more we recommend betting on playoff calibre teams only. The good teams in the NHL typically have excellent home records year in and year out and rarely get swept at home.

To narrow down your options you should also look at the road team and find road teams with a less than 50% winning percentage. The chances of a bad road team heading into a good home team's arena and sweeping them is slim and that's why this betting system can work as long as you limit the series you bet on by using the criteria above. Also make sure you don't bet on home teams that are slumping or have recent injuries to important players.

Another tip for this NHL betting system is to avoid betting during the 1st month and last month of the NHL regular season. You need to have some time at the beginning of the season to determine which teams are contenders. The reason you don't bet on the system at the end of the season is because many of the top teams have already clinched the playoffs and may not be playing 100% to close out the regular season.