Opening Night Betting Tips for Major Sports

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Opening Night Betting Tips for Major Sports

With all of the different options that you'll have for betting on sports, it can be tough enough breaking down the bets each night, but doing it on night one of the start of a season can be incredibly tough. We'll include any sport, as this is a general strategy article, so things like the NFL, NBA, Soccer, NHL, NBA, MLB, and anything else that you can think of. The opening night of the season is going to be tough, as many teams show up in ways that you don't expect, both good and bad. With that being said it's time to look at a few of the different tips and strategy behind betting on the opening nights of these sports.

» Managing Money

I could talk about managing your money day in and day out, as it's one of the most important parts of sports betting. This is especially true on opening night though, as we don't really know what some teams are going to show up with. If you buy into a team too much, this could result in you taking a big hit to start off the season, so playing it smart and keeping your bets small is a good decision, especially until you start to get a feel for the teams and how they are shaping up for the current year. Just because a team was strong the previous year, doesn't mean that they are going to be stellar the next year.

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» In Close Games, Consider the Home Team

I'm not going to say that this is the bet to take every time, so don't just use that as your betting angle. With that being said, if you are trying to choose in a game that features two teams who are expected to be pretty evenly matched, looking at the home team on opening night can be a solid option. Teams come out with a whole lot of emotion on their home court to start off the season, so this may be a good angle to look into and it may help you get a good bet down when all is said and done on opening night.

» Don't Buy Into Hype

Just because a team has championship hype, or because they are expected to contend for the first pick in the draft, doesn't mean that you should buy into that hype. Often times teams who are projected to finish with a bad record start off the season with emotion and actually with some momentum to kick off the year and surprise a few people. On the other side of things, teams who are projected to contend for the championship could get off to slow starts, especially if they are on the road against a strong team who is looking to knock a potential contender off.

These are just a few of the opening night betting tips that you should look at before placing your bets, and also to make sure that you don't bet TOO much on the first night of action as well.