Should I Buy a Sports Betting System

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Should I Buy a Sports Betting System

Sports betting looks easy to most people that have never tried consistently picking winners, but once you start betting a bit you quickly come to the realization that making money betting on sports is easier said than done. The best sports handicappers in the world strive to post a 60% win-rate in sports, as that's what's roughly needed to make a profit. Finding an edge over your sportsbook is difficult unless you have a lot of time to devote to handicapping the sports you want to bet on.

Should I Buy a Sports Betting System?

Since most of us work full-time jobs and have other responsibilities, we simply don't have the time to handicap sporting events every single day. Thousands of curious sports bettors have decided to look for an easy way to make money betting on sports and have fallen into the trap of buying a sports betting system. I'm sure almost everyone has seen a sports betting system being advertised online at least once claiming that you could be making "Millions of Dollars" and winning "90%-100% of Your Bets".

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The problem with all of the sports betting systems being sold online is that they use a martingale betting system. By using this type of betting system you could potentially never lose, but due to certain restrictions it isn't profitable. In a martingale betting system you simply keep doubling up the size of your bet until you finally win. You could potentially lose 5 games in a row and be down $100's and this type of system would recommend doubling your previous bet.

Here is an example of how these sports betting systems work. Let's say you bet $110 on the Blue Jays to beat the Yankees in order to win $100 (1 Unit). Let's say the Jays lost the game and you've just lost $110. The system would now tell you to bet on the Blue Jays again the very next game, but this time you need to wager $231, as you need to try and chase your $110 losses and win your $100 (1 Unit). As you can see, if you lost a few games in a row this type of system could become expensive and that's where the problems begin.

Most of us don't have an unlimited amount of money to wager on sports using a martingale approach. The other problem is that online sportsbooks have limits on how much you can bet on a single game. After a few losses you're going to have a rough time doubling your bet because of the limits set by online sportsbooks. Some of the systems on the market have had horrible losing streaks in the past where players have lost thousands trying to chase a small $100 win.

In sports betting you need to focus on handicapping the games yourself and making your own picks or purchasing picks from a reputable sports handicapper. There are thousands of touts, but if you do your research there are a few services that post their records openly and they've been profitable. Never fall for a sports betting system scam that promises you instant riches. You need to use a little bit of common sense and ask yourself this. If you have a sports betting system that won 90%-100% of the time, would you sell it to the world for a couple hundred bucks when you could be using it yourself to make as much money as you want?