Tips For MLB Betting

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Tips For MLB Betting

Betting on baseball is widely considered by many professional sports bettors to be one of the best ways to pull in a profit. There are so many games to choose from each day of the season, meaning that players can be very selective as to which games they want to bet on. But when betting on baseball there are a few tips that you should be careful of, in order to make sure that you're being as profitable as possible.

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» Bet the Underdogs

Sounds crazy right? Well think of it this way, the best baseball teams in the league lose 60 games at a minimum in a year, and the worst teams in the league will win around 60 games. The odds that you are going to get on the underdogs (when betting them straight), means that you are risking less to win more. The biggest mistake that some people make when betting baseball is ONLY looking at the starting pitching, take a look more in-depth at the lineups and match-ups before making your decision. There are a lot of underdogs out there that will get you paid off nicely.

» Give It Some Time

Like any sports bettor, you like to get in the action early and often; but that's not really the best way to go about it every time. Early in the season in the MLB, the teams have a lot to figure out, and a lot of unanswered questions. Managers are still figuring out lineups, pitching rotations, etc. To top things off, the pitchers who were hot last year, might not be hot this year, and a lot of the best pitchers can get off to slow starts to begin the season before they get into a groove. The first few weeks of a baseball season should be used to research, watch some games, and get a feel for the teams and pitching staffs.

» Pitching

As we mentioned, don't solely base a pick of a game on a pitcher. But if the pitcher did well in his last game? Consider betting on him again in his next game. On the other side of that though, if a pitcher got knocked around in his last game, consider taking the other side if you have some good angles. Pitching is crucial when it comes to baseball in general, but there are many things to factor in. Don't forget about relief pitchers either, they can have some tough games in a row as well; and a lot of the times, relief pitchers are brought in when games are close and they're needed to keep the lead for their team.

» Any Over/Under Tips?

Think about the ballpark. It's not a myth that the ball travels more at some ballparks, and are considered "hitters parks". In specific places, teams just tend to score more runs, and this should definitely be something to consider when you are looking at an over/under bet. A lot of parks also have short outfield walls, deep center fields, or high right field walls (just examples), and could also affect the number of runs scored, or even which team gets an edge in the actual game.