Tips and Strategy for Betting Props

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Tips and Strategy for Betting Props

Prop betting is huge in the world of online sports betting and regular sports betting these days. There are many things to consider, and you'll find that across all of the sports out there that there are going to be a ton of different prop bets offered. With that being said, you need to have a good idea of the type of strategy that you should use when placing prop bets, and we'll break this down more in-depth below. We are going to give a few tips that can help you narrow down your prop bets, get the best bets on the board in, and also how to make sure that you aren't over betting on props as well!

» Ranking Prop Bets

Right off the bat it's important to make sure that you are ranking your prop bets on a scale of something like one to three. If bets ranked as "threes" are the best bets and your favorite bets, these are the bets that you should focus on getting your action on. If a prop bet doesn't live up to that three star ranking, then there's no reason to put your action down on it. Even if it means that you only have a few prop bets for one day, it still means that you are going to have action on your favorite bets, and you won't end up reaching for bets.

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» Research

Even with a prop bet you'll find that there is a ton of research and information that you can get. The prop bets could relate to things like how many points+rebounds+assists that an NBA player is going to have in a game. You can go back and see how the player has done in past games against that team, or at least their recent games to see how they are playing in past games. There is research in many different ways for prop bets, so take the time to do this and gain an edge before placing your final bets!

» Bet Sizing

You need to be sure to not over bet on props, especially if you don't have a good amount of information on that specific prop bet. Some mistakes that bettors are going to make is betting too much, or even too little on props at time. Based on your confidence level you can really look into how much to bet on a prop bet, but don't over bet on a prop that you aren't really too sold on and don't have too much information on. This is another spot where you can rank your bets and put your bet sizing down on props depending on how much you like them.