Tips for Picking the Winner of a Major Golf Event

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Tips for Picking the Winner of a Major Golf Event

So you're excited about the upcoming big major in golf, and want to get a little bit of action on the winner. You really think that you can narrow it down to about 3 to 4 players who can win this event, there can't be that many realistic choices right? Well, you pull up the odds and see that there are a TON of players listed, with all kinds of different odds on each one. First thing is first, don't let this scare you off. Making a good bet when it comes to betting on the winner of a major event is easier than it seems. The great thing about betting on the actual winner of the event, is that if you are able to hit this bet; it pays off very well. Most bets will range anywhere from 10 to 1, all the way to 300 to 1, or even more sometimes. What this means is that for every $1 you bet, you win anywhere from $10 to $300 depending on the bet. There are some angles though to betting on these, and they aren't just to bet the best odds on the board! Let's take a look at them.

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» Tip #1 What Players Have Done Well at This Event?

Just like in any sport, which player does well at a specific location? If you can find a few players who have put up some good results at the specific course that the event is played at, you can have some great options in terms of betting. Of course, not every player who has done well at that course in the past is guaranteed to have a top 5 finish, but the ones with good odds could make for some good bets. It can be a bit of research to search through every player out there, so take some of your favorites, and check out their past finishes at the specific course. You may want to look into this angle a bit after doing the research on the others.

» Tip #2 Check the Players Recent Finishes

When a team is hot, ride the wave. Golf is no different, if a player is on his game and has been hitting his stride as of late, don't stop betting them. Always look at a players recent finishes at events to get a feel for how they've played lately. If you can get a player with some fairly good odds who has posted consecutive top 10 finishes, or has been near the top of the leader board for a good amount of the day; those are the kind of bets that you want to get on.

» Tip #3 Bet More Than One Player

Yes, the idea behind this bet is to pick ONE player to win the event right? But that doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to bet more than one player to win it all. Actually, this is the smart way to do it. Say that you are going to bet on a player who is 10 to 1, one who is 15 to 1, and one who is 20 to 1 for example. Betting $10 on each of these players will put your total bet at $30, but up your chances of winning the bet quite a bit (you now get three players instead of 1), and at a bare minimum if you are able to hit one, you get paid out $100 (for the 10 to 1 bet). So as you can see, this can be profitable when adding even more players as well. Just be careful not to get crazy betting on too many players, as this is one way to make your risk/reward too high. Always narrow it down to a few of your favorite bets, and go from there.