UFC Betting Tips for Beginners

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UFC Betting Tips for Beginners

The UFC has grown at an incredible rate the past few years and it's easily the most popular fighting sport in the world. Boxing has been on the decline for years now and many fighting fans have started following the UFC. Many UFC fans enjoy having some action on the fights that they watch, as it makes watching the fights way more interesting. As long as you only bet what you can afford you'll always have fun betting on the UFC.

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Online sports betting sites have taken notice to how popular the UFC has gotten and the majority of sportsbooks now spend a lot more time setting the odds for UFC fights. There are also a variety of prop bets that UFC bettors can place at a few of the biggest MMA betting site including bets such as Knockout of the Night, Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night. Most new UFC bettors still generally bet on outright winners, but you should consider the prop bets as well if you follow the sport.

» UFC Betting Tips for Beginners

  • You'll constantly hear this tip repeated, but I feel it's very important. In the UFC you should avoid betting on fighters that have been heavily favoured. The juice will end up catching up to you in the long-run and you'll end up losing your bankroll. If you want to bet on a heavily favoured UFC fighter I recommend reading over our UFC parlay strategy guide to learn how parlays can be beneficial if you want to bet on a big favourite.

  • When you start betting online on the UFC it's hard enough to trust one online sportsbook let alone multiple online sportsbooks. However, as a UFC bettor myself, I know how important it is to have accounts with multiple bookies. If you have multiple accounts at the top UFC betting sites you're always going to be able to bet on the best odds. If 5Dimes has St. Pierre favoured in a fight at -300 and Bet365 has St. Pierre listed at -275, it's obviously a lot smarter to bet on St. Pierre at Bet365, as you'll save .25 in juice on every $1 you bet.

  • Although it's always exciting to have action on a full card of fights, it isn't feasible to bet on every fight if you want to make money over the long-run. You should analyze the entire fight card, but narrow down your bets to your top 1-3 picks. The more fights you bet on, the more opportunity you have to lose money and often it works out that your top picks win and your "action junkie" picks lose, which negates any profits.

  • Big name UFC superstars are great to bet on, but the odds are typically horrible because the public will bet on the big name fighters regardless of the odds. Sometime you're going to need to simply take the best odds you can get and place your wager, but you should always look at the fights with lesser known fighters. The lines are always better and in many cases the fights are even easier to predict.

  • The last tip is to make sure you do your own homework before placing your bets. Many people bet on fighters that were good 2-3 years ago and wonder why they lose their money, but the UFC is constantly changing and there are always new fighters moving up the rankings that you need to know about. Just because a name doesn't stick out to your while looking at the odds doesn't mean that the fighter isn't an absolute beast in the UFC.