UFC Parlay Betting Strategy

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UFC Parlay Betting Strategy

In the UFC you'll notice that a lot of the fights have a big favourite who is expected to win the fight. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of UFC bettors make is betting on heavy favourites to win on a straight wager. You might win your 1st couple picks if you bet on heavy favourites, but eventually the juice is going to eat your bankroll up quickly. It only takes one or two losses to wipe away any profits that you've made on previous fights when you bet on heavy favourites.

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Let's take a look at a quick example. If St. Pierre is fighting Diaz and the odds are -500 for St. Pierre to win you'd need to risk a total of $500 to win $100 back on the straight wager. If St. Pierre wins you'd receive $600 ($500 Stake + $100 Profit), but if the bet loses you're going to be out $500. Even if you won 4 fights in a row by betting on fighters at -500 odds you could have all of your profits wiped away if you lost the next fight you bet on.

As you can see betting on heavy favourites in the UFC isn't the way to make money. Sure, you can bet on a favourite if you want to once in awhile, but don't get in the habit of simply betting on fighters because they're expected to dominate. Big favourites win more often than they lose, but it isn't profitable to simply bet on every heavy favourite over the long-run. One way to help you lower the amount of money you need to risk is by betting on UFC parlays.

Most online sportsbooks allow you to bet on parlays with 2-10 fighters although we never recommend betting too many fighters on the same parlay. I personally only bet parlays with 2-3 fighters and those are hard enough to win, but when you start adding 4+ fighters on the same parlay, the odds of winning the parlay become really bad. Bookies actually love UFC bettors that try and bet parlays with 4-5+ fighters because more often than not the bettor will end up losing his bankroll in due time.

UFC parlays are calculated by the true odds, which mean that the parlays payout the same as it would if you bet on all of the fights separately. The benefit of betting on a parlay in the UFC is that you don't need to risk nearly as much in order to end up with the same payout as betting on all of the fights separately. The downside about betting on parlays is that you need to win every fight on the parlay or else the ticket will lose.

I won't bore you with how to calculate true odds when betting on parlays because sportsbook will calculate the payout for you automatically when you're placing the bet and there are many UFC parlay calculators online. If you have a big enough bankroll to bet on the UFC fights separately it's generally a lot smarter because you don't need to win all of the fights in order to win money. For instance, if you have a 3 fighter parlay and 2 fights win you'd lose a parlay, but if you bet the fights separately you'd have won most of your money back or potentially made a profit depending on the odds of the fights you bet on.

Betting on UFC parlays can quickly become a suckers bet if you're not smart. You need to make sure you never risk too much of your bankroll on a single parlay and you should only bet parlays with 2-3 fighters. You should also only be betting parlays when you want to bet a big favourite and you don't want to risk the juice on the straight wager.