UFC Prop Betting Strategy

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UFC Prop Betting Strategy

Many UFC bettors don't know what a prop bet is and never consider betting on the various prop bets, but there is ton of value betting on a few of the prop bets available at sportsbooks. Some UFC betting sites post dozens of prop bets every time the UFC has a pay-per-view event. Most prop bets are picking how a fight will end and when a fight will end.

For instance, you may bet on Machida to win by submission in the 2nd round against Couture. The payouts for betting on Lyoto to win in the 2nd round will always be a lot better than betting on Machida to simply win the fight. We're not going to spend time discussing all of the UFC prop bets in this guide, but we're going to take a look at the main prop bets.

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The three main prop bets in the UFC include the Fight of the Night (FOTN), Knockout of the Night (KOTN) and Submission of the Night (SOTN). Predicting these three prop bets isn't that easy, but the payout odds are excellent. We're going to take a look at some strategy to consider before you start betting on UFC prop bets.

Before we begin looking at some strategy I want to explain one thing quickly for those of you new to betting on the UFC. The FOTN, KOTN and SOTN awards are awarded to fighters at the end of every UFC event. All fights are considered for the award including the preliminary fights, so you really need to do your homework on the entire fight card in order to have a chance.

» UFC Fight of the Night (FOTN)

The Fight of the Night (FOTN) award is awarded to the two fighters who had the best war in the cage. A cash prize is given to both of the fighters for winning the award, but you can also pocket some cash by betting on the FOTN. In most cases you can knockoff any of the fights with a big favourite because those fights aren't typically FOTN material.

You want to find a fight with two fighters that are evenly matched, but at the same time they need to have aggressive styles. A fight spent grappling on the mat isn't going to win FOTN, so consider the two fighters styles before betting on FOTN.

» UFC Knockout of the Night (KOTN)

I love betting on the KOTN, but it isn't that easy because any fighter could potentially surprise you by knocking out the other fighter. Ideally you want to narrow your choices down to the fighters that have lots of TKO/KO wins. From there you want to look at their opponents and find a fighter who's going up against an inferior opponent. Never bet against a fighter with a solid chin no matter who the fighter is going up against when betting on the KOTN.

» UFC Submission of the Night (SOTN)

The SOTN prop bet in the UFC is easier to predict than the KOTN in my opinion. It's rare that a fighter will surprise you and submit his opponent when he normally doesn't submit anyone. Look for fighters will a proven track record of being able to submit their opponents in the cage when betting on the SOTN. You should also look and fight fighters that have been getting submitted recently and see who they're fighting to see if there's a chance he can be submitted again.

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