What To Look For in NCAA Football Futures Betting

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What To Look For in NCAA Football Futures Betting

Futures bets can either be one of the toughest types of bets, or one of the most profitable types of bets in College Football. A typical futures bet for College Football is betting on a team to win their conference, or betting on a team to win the BCS Championship for the upcoming year. The reason that these can be some of the toughest bets, is because you are typically picking ONE team out of anywhere from 8 to 12 teams (betting on a conference winner), or picking one team out of 50 or more teams. On the other side of it though, the reason that futures bets can be some of the most profitable bets, is because the odds on these can be very nice if you can get the winner. There are a few different ways to go about betting on futures though, and definitely a few things to consider as well.

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» Betting a Future BCS Champion

When betting on a future BCS Champion, it's not recommended to bet on just one team. There are 50 teams to pick from, as well as a "the field" pick, which includes every other team in College Football. The odds will be very high, and you can basically narrow the betting options for the National Championship down to around 8 or 10 teams who have a realistic shot to win it right off the bat. Typically, the favorite going into the season will have odds of around +450 to +700 before the season, with the other top 8 or 9 teams having odds between +800 to +1500. And when you look at the teams that fall in that last category, it's very likely that one of those +1000 to +1500 teams could win the National Championship.

For many years in College Football we've seen top teams slipping up and losing their spots in the BCS National Championship. Don't expect that to have some drastic change anytime soon, as the pressure to go wire to wire with a number 1 or 2 ranking is incredible. The advice that we can give when it comes to betting a future bet on the BCS Championship, is to take 2 or 3 teams in the top 8 or 10 teams listed. If you have a team just outside of that who you think has a realistic shot, give them a bit of love. But in reality, betting $10 on three teams at +1200 is obviously a profitable play if one of them hits. But taking just one team? That's a tough bet.

» Betting a Future Conference Winner

Placing a future bet on a conference winner isn't nearly as tough as betting on the BCS Champion is before the season, but it can still be tough. You do see a team who was expected to be at the bottom of the standings make an incredible run in their conference every once in a while, and that is hard to predict. But overall, you'll find that there are two to three teams near the top that are favorites to win the conference, and are in a pretty good spot to do so.

Each conference features teams that just lack in terms of football talent, and also teams who live and die for football. Before the season, you'll typically be able to narrow it down to about two teams after everything that look to be prepared to win the conference. Look at quarterback play and defense, if a team has a veteran quarterback and a talented defense that can shut down opponents consistently, then get your money on them.

It is never recommended to place huge bets on futures bets like these, but placing small bets with good odds can definitely pay out well.