What is the Most Profitable Golf Bet?

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What is the Most Profitable Golf Bet?

Of course, just like anything in sports betting, the idea behind it is to find the most profitable bet available; and make some money! Golf betting can do just that for you, as long as you know what type of bets to make. We'll go over the three biggest type of bets, and decide which one is the most profitable for your golf betting strategy. The three types of bets we will look at are picking the winner of the event, match-up bets, and prop bets. Of course all three bets can be profitable when done the right way, but one definitely stands out above the rest in the end.

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» Picking the Winner of an Event

Of course if you hit a 30 to 1 pick for the winner of an event, it'd be hard to top that, so this section gets points for that. But the real question is, how often does that happen? And the real answer is, it's pretty tough. The most profitable way to bet on the winner of an event, is picking multiple teams (as we mentioned in our article on "Tips for Picking the Winner of a Major Golf Event"). And even then, it's not consistent every time, so we would not take picking the winner as the most profitable golf bet out there.

» Match-up Betting

Match-up betting is where you get a match-up between two players who are competing in the event, and you select the winner. The odds on these bets aren't outrageous typically, and you'll normally have one favorite, and one underdog with odds varying on both. If you can find angles on these bets, they can be very profitable. The great thing about a match-up bet is that your pick only needs to beat out one player. You can definitely find some mismatches in these types of bets as well. We'd consider match-up betting to be the most popular selection in terms of golf betting, and also a type of bet that gives you multiple different matches to bet on.

» Prop Betting

Prop bets can be tough unless you have an angle on them. In a prior example in our other golf betting article, we used the prop bet "How many majors will Rory McIlroy win in 2012?". Now this is a tough bet, because even some of the best golfers out there may not win a major in a whole year, or they could hit a hot streak and even win more than one. The odds typically favor betting "no majors" because there are so many players out there as well. The thing to take into consideration is that while betting zero majors would give odds of -180, and betting one major may give odds of something like +200; the odds start to get really good at three majors with +700. This bet can overall just be a tough call. Other prop bets include things like the color of a players hat or shirt for an event, and those sometimes come down to pure luck, which is something you don't want to bet too heavily on.

In the end, the most profitable type of golf bet would be match-up betting. You can be a very profitable match-up bettor by doing research on a few match-ups and finding some good angles on a few winners as well. Match-up betting is offered on quite a few online sports betting sites, and is the way to go in terms of golf betting!