Winning Angles on MLB Betting

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Winning Angles on MLB Betting

Betting on Major League Baseball can either be a lot harder than it actually seems. Unfortunately, it's not all about picking which team is better. Sure, the Yankees might have won 40 games more than one of their late season opponents, but their opponent could very well go out and beat them by 5 runs any night of the week. That's why there are angles, and specific things to look at when it comes to MLB betting. Whether it be something as simple as which teams are riding a winning streak or losing streak, or which teams are coming off of an extra innings game, there is always an angle. We are here to give you a few of the stronger angles that we've found when it comes to MLB betting.

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» Pitchers Coming Off of a Strong Performance

You know the drill. The pitcher just came off of an incredible performance where he threw a 1 hitter and had a 4-0 shut out, complete game win. No way that he can repeat that right? Think again. Most of the time, a pitcher who comes off a great game, will continue to pitch well. When a pitcher gets into a groove, that's when the bets should get hot on that team. If someone tries to tell you that pitchers don't get into a zone, they haven't watched much baseball.

» Team's Overall Play With Pitcher

What this means, is how a team has done in general, regardless of a pitchers earned run average. Have you ever seen those scenario's when a pitcher has a 4.80 ERA, but is 7-3? It happens, and there's a reason why. It's just one of those things, a team will just play better all around for a pitcher. Whether it be something crazy relating to the clubhouse, if a team is hot when a specific pitcher is pitching, don't let the pitchers earned run average fool you in to avoiding placing a bet on the team when he's pitching.

» Extra Inning Games the Night Before

This is a mis-conception in one way; a team who comes off of an extra inning game, doesn't ALWAYS come out tired. But if their bullpen got beat up during the game? You better believe that this is an excellent betting angle. So the game the night before went into 16 innings for the Angels and they had to use almost all of their bullpen to get through it. They still have their starter ready to go for the game, but what about that bullpen? They spent the entire night before and pre-game icing their arms. Look for spots like this in order to get a bet on this team's opponent.

» Is a Team Trending?

Has a team won a few games in a row? What about lost a few games in a row? Well a team who is on a winning streak or a losing streak, is actually more likely to continue that streak than to break it. So the good old "they can't win another one in a row", is actually not true, they most certainly can. Don't let the fact that an alright team has lost a few games in a row trick you into over betting them in a tough spot, expecting them to win.