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Android smart phones continue to advance by leaps and bounds every year. Android users can now do many things on their phones that they would previously need a computer to do. Betting is one of these activities that have made its way to smart phones. Many different betting websites are now offering Android apps. These apps allow users to have a new way of placing their bets. Accessibility is what these apps are all about; being able to place your bets on the go adds a great deal of convenience. These Android apps allow users to do all the things that are offered on their websites. We've put together a list of some of the top Android betting apps available, and described each.

  • Bet365 offers a flawless Android web-app to their users. The app is a mirror image of the website that users access on their computer. Anything and everything you would want to bet on is available at your fingertips. The only thing users cant do on this app is sign up for Bet365. In-play betting is a highlight of this app as well; there are no delays when placing bets. This app has received very good reviews and understandably so.

  • BetOnline has one of the newest Android apps available but also one of the best. This allows users to bet on all major US and International sports. If there is something you want to bet on then it will be available with this app. There are many different types of bets available as well with this app, such as straight bets, parlays, teasers, future bets, and props. BetOnline is also known for having great customer service, which is definitely a plus for their site.

Android smart phones have become the most popular smart phones on the market, with the most users. As they become more and more popular, the apps that are offered will become better and better for the people who own them.