Basic College Football Betting Tips

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Basic College Football Betting Tips

College Football is a fan favorite when it comes to sports betting. You watch over the lines all week and see what types of line movements happen daily, pick your favorite games early on, and even get an incredible number of games to look over for Saturday. College Football typically offers games throughout the week as well, and gives you options ranging from straight bets, point spread bets, over/under bets, parlays, and teasers. It doesn't get much better than that. But just like with any sport, College Football can be tough to bet on if you don't know what to look for, or the right angles to bet at. We're going to give you a run down of some basic tips for betting on College Football, to help make you a profitable sports bettor.

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» Tip #1- Don't Bet Too Many Games

This falls under the radar sometimes, but betting on too many games can make life tough when it comes to betting on College Football. It's understandable to have a bunch of games that you like, especially with all of the games that are offered; but pick your favorites, and narrow it down a bit. If you still feel that you have a huge card of games that you love, make a few parlay's and teaser's, but always keep your bets organized so that you know what is on the line. Betting on 25 teams in different bets on a Saturday is not the best way to be a profitable College Football bettor.

» Tip #2- Don't Bet it All On Big Parlay's

What I mean by this, is that making parlay's is definitely a great way to make money, but doing five 8 or 10 team parlay's is going to be tough to hit any of them. Those types of parlay's aren't very profitable, and should only be played with lower dollar bets on TOP of your regular bets that you would usually do (point spread bets on one team, or even two or three team parlays).

» Tip #3- Money Management

Money management is huge in a lot of things in the world, and one of them is sports betting. Don't let it all ride on one bet, it's not a profitable way to sports bet. Give yourself enough money to place a few bets, and if you normally bet $20 per game, but would only be able to get 4 bets out of that; instead bet $10 per game, and get 8 bets out of it. Honestly, the best betting tip for College Football though, is to bet 2% of your bankroll per bet.

» Tip #4- Watch the Line Movements and Do Research

These two go together because they kind of hit on the same spot. You should always keep an eye on the sports betting lines of games that you like. It can be a very telling sign, as lines move due to the betting action on the game. So if a team starts off being favored by -3 on Tuesday, and becomes -5 by Thursday, something is probably up there. Do some research on the games and see if there is anything that points toward the line movement, and try to get a feel for why it would be a good bet. Research is crucial when it comes to sports betting, mainly because it's always a bad idea to bet on a game without even looking at it.