What You Need to Know Before Betting On College Football

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Betting On College Football

College football is one of the most bet on sports in the world, for good reason. There are an incredible amount of games weekly, and so many different betting options on each one as well. The most popular types of college football bets are things like point spread bets, money line bets, over/under bets, parlays, and teasers. We'll explain each one more in-depth here, as well as give examples to help explain the types of bets to get you all ready for the college football season.

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» College Football Point Spread Bets

Betting the point spread is the most common type of bet made in college football. A point spread bet basically means that there is a line set on the game, and the side that you bet has to either win or lose by that spread. The odds on these bets are usually 11/10 on both sides. An example of a college football point spread bet is if the Auburn Tigers were taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Tigers may be favored by -7, and the Razorbacks may be +7 point underdogs. So if you were to bet on the Tigers, they would have to win by MORE than 7 points in order for you to win your bet. If you bet the Razorbacks, they would have to lose by less than 7 in order for you to win your bet. If Auburn was to win by exactly 7, it would be a push and you would get your money back. The odds on this bet being set at 11/10 mean that if you bet $110, you would win $100 if you win your bet, paying you out $210 total (for your initial bet plus your payout).

» College Football Straight Bets

Straight betting is not the most common type of bet when it comes to college football betting, but if it is done right; it can be one of the most profitable. Betting a straight bet in college football is basically just picking the winner of the game. It's not quite as easy as it seems though, mainly because if you have a heavy favorite in the match-up, betting on them to win won't give you very good odds. So for the same example as above, if Auburn is favored by 7, the odds to bet them straight up would be something around -180. This means that you would now have to bet $180 to win $100. On the other hand though, if you like the underdog to make the upset, this can be a very good bet as an underdog who is around +7 could give odds of something like +160. This would mean that betting $100 on Arkansas would pay out $160 if they can pull the upset. A lot of straight bets on teams will be more around the -200 or -250 for betting a favorite straight up, so you definitely need to pick your spots in order to make profitable bets.

» College Football Over/Under Betting

Betting on an over/under in college football is basically just betting on how many points both teams will score combined in a game. There is a line that is set on the total predicted points, and you have to bet if the total will go over or under that number. It's a very basic bet, but one that has a lot of strong angles on it as well, such as weather at the game, injuries to one team, etc. Picking an over/under can be tough, but if you watch the teams involved in the game and do your research on the match-up, it isn't nearly as hard as some people make it out to be.

» Parlay Betting on College Football

A parlay is where you pick two or more teams to win their games. The idea behind a parlay is that the more teams which you add to the bet, the better the odds will pay out. Some sites even allow up to 12 team parlays, with odds of around 600/1, so a $10 bet on a 12 team parlay could pay out $6,000. Betting parlay's is very tough unless you have good angles on the games. The advantage of betting parlay's in college football is that there are so many games offered that you can pick and choose quite a bit between the games. You also have the option of parlaying straight bets as well, which can be easier to hit, but just won't pay out as great of odds as point spread bets would. Hitting a 12 team parlay isn't nearly as easy as it sounds, and it's recommended to start out with smaller parlay's with games that you really feel strongly about.

» Teaser Betting on College Football

Teaser bets are nearly the same as parlays, except that you get to adjust the spread of games in your favor. Most sites will offer players the option on teaser bets to move the spread either 6, 6.5, or 7 points in their favor. The odds will of course go down though since you do gain a fairly big edge in teaser bets. The best way to look at this is that a two team parlay will pay out around 2.6/1, and a 6 point teaser will pay out 10/11; 3 team parlay's pay around 6/1, with a 6 point teaser paying 9/5. Teaser bets are a great option if you see a match-up where one team is a 5 point underdog, and you think they will lose; but not by more than a touchdown. If you tease it, the line will then make the team a 11 point underdog.