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Boxing Betting

Boxing betting works quite a bit differently than many other sports do. Betting on boxing has been popular for a long time now, but is quickly switching from being more of a live betting sport, to an online betting sport. The popular title fights that would happen in Las Vegas are huge betting spots for sports bettors, but the option of being able to bet on a boxing fight online makes life much easier, and offers quite a few more options as well. Boxing can be one of the most profitable types of sports to bet on out there, and there are three main types of boxing bets that most sites will offer. The most common is a money line boxing bet, followed by a total round bet, and prop betting. We'll cover all three of those boxing betting options here, as well as give you some examples.

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» Money Line Boxing Bet

A money line boxing bet is just simply picking the winner of the fight. The odds on these bets do vary quite a bit, as you'll find that one fighter is quite a heavy favorite a good amount of the time. This bets can be tough to make profitable if you are in a spot where the odds are astronomical, which makes them not always the best bet available on the board. An example of a money line bet could feature a fight like Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, with Pacquiao being the favorite at -800, while Marquez is +500. This means that in order to win a bet on Pacquiao, you would have to bet an incredible $80 to win only $10. Betting on Marquez as the underdog pays out a nice $50 for every $10 bet. In this example, the bet would look like this when offered on an online sports betting site:

Odds to Win the Fight Outright:

  • Manny Pacquiao: -800
  • Juan Manuel Marques: +500

» Total Round Boxing Betting

Total round betting can also be called over/under betting as well, and is a bet that is based on how long you think the fight will last before a winner is declared. This bet is based on rounds, so the total bet will depend on how many rounds the actual fight is, as some types of fights vary. There is a line that is set on the over/under which round that they think the fight will end in, and you get to bet on whichever side you think is more likely. The odds are typically pretty standard in this type of bet, but may vary a small amount. An example would be the total number of rounds that a title fight could take. A title fight consists of 12 rounds, and the over/under on this fight could be something around 10.5 rounds. If you were to bet the over on this bet, the fight would have to go either 11 rounds, end in the 12th round, or go to a decision. If you bet on the under, anything less than 11 rounds would win that side of the bet. This is how a total round boxing bet would look:

Total Rounds:

  • Over 10.5 rounds: -110
  • Under 10.5 rounds: -110

Both of these betting odds are at -110, meaning that you would have to bet $11 to win $10 on either side.

» Boxing Prop Bets

Prop bets are very popular in many sports, and this is no different when it comes to boxing. There are a few different types of prop bets for boxing, but the main prop bets that are offered are about how a fighter will win a fight. You have the option of betting on whether a fighter will win by decision or technical decision (if a fight is called due to a cut), or win by disqualification, technical knockout (TKO), or knockout (KO). The odds on this bet will vary depending on which fighter is favored, and also by how much they are favored. Here is how a prop bet on how a fighter will win could look based on the fight listed above:

  • Manny Pacquiao by decision or technical decision: -500
  • Manny Pacquiao by DQ, TKO, or KO: -600
  • Juan Manuel Marques by decision or technical decision: +300
  • Juan Manuel Marques by DQ, TKO, or KO: +450

Online boxing betting's popularity is continually on the rise to this day, and has added even more interest to the big time events like title fights. While some of the bigger boxing matches can be seen on TV now, sports bettors having the options to place their bets online is an excellent addition to the boxing betting world. One tip to remember is that the title fights will normally have the most options in terms of bets offered, so always be sure to take a look at what's offered out there on your favorite online sports betting site.