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Breeders Cup Betting

The Breeders Cup features an series of the top horse races out there today. All the way from 1984 to 2006, this was a huge single day event that featured many different horse races and incredible betting options. Back in 2007, they decided to expand this to a two day event, which added even more interest to the event, especially from sports bettors. The location of the Breeders Cup varies by year, but it almost always takes place in the United States. While the Breeders Cup does take place in the United States, it draws in some of the best horses from all around the world. You can imagine how many different betting options and bets are placed on an event like this, as back in 2008 the Breeders Cup awarded a total of $25.5 million throughout the Cup. We are going to cover some of the best betting options out there for horse racing bettors, and give you some great ways to make some money on horse racing bets!

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» Breeders Cup Doubles Bet

Doubles betting on the Breeders Cup is a very popular betting option. This type of bet works in a similar way to a parlay in many other sports, as you have to choose the winner of one race, and the winner of the race that happens right after that one. You will find that most horse racing bettors at the Breeders Cup will typically place this bet on the first and second race, or the last two races of the day. Your bet would essentially be something like "$5 on number 8 to win race number one, and number 3 on race number two". The odds on hitting this type of bet will pay out very well, and while this type of bet isn't always used; it can still be one of the best betting options for the Breeders Cup.

» Breeders Cup Match-Up Betting

Match-up betting on the Breeders Cup is another very interesting type of bet that is offered. This type of bet will be one that you place on two horses who are head to head for which one will have the higher finish in the race. This is similar to many other sports like golf and tennis, that put two players up against each other for the purpose of the bet. The odds on this depend on which horse is the favorite over the other, and how big the margin in terms of their odds to win the race are. If you are in a situation where two horses are projected to be near the top, in the middle, of together in the back; then you'll find that the odds could be close to even.

» Breeders Cup Each Way Bet

Each way bets in horse racing are a great way for bettors to place a bet that they can feel comfortable about. In this bet, you are betting on a horse to win the race, and also betting on a horse to place, and both bets are the same size. The odds on this bet aren't as strong as many other Breeders Cup betting options, but it is a great option if you feel strongly that a horse can finish in the top 3; but aren't sure if they can win the race. In this bet, if you take a horse in an each way bet and they finish first, then you would win both of your bets.