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Cricket is one of the most historic and popular sports in the world. This popular sports dates back to the 16th century and has become increasingly popular throughout the years. Cricket is an international sport and is played all throughout the world. Along with soccer, it is probably played in more countries than any other sport. Cricket betting is something that has become very popular as well, essentially as the popularity of the sport has increased, so has betting on it. Cricket has created a mass following of fans throughout its history, so naturally there is a great interest in betting on the sport as well.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

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Betting on Cricket matches can be very exciting because there are so many different betting options and ways to bet. The bettor can place numerous bets on a single match, which obviously adds a great deal of interest and excitement. As for the types of bets that can be placed, there are numerous different ones.

» Money Line Cricket Betting

There is your typical money line bet in which you place a bet on a predicted winner of the match. Typically, money line bets offer an advantage to betting on either the underdog or the favorite. Obviously teams that are underdogs aren't considered to be as good as the favorites, but betting on an underdog can give you an excellent payout with great odds. On the other side of the bet, if you choose to take the favorite; you will won't get nearly as great of a return on your money, but you would have a better chance of winning the bet. Cricket matches are often played in series' that will last several days, in which teams play each other more than once.

» Other Popular Cricket Betting Options

Betting the winners of the series instead of just one match is also a great betting option, but one that is not used as often as the standard money line bet. Match score betting is another type of bet as well, which will allow a bettor to place money on how many combined runs will be scored between the two teams in the match. This type of bet will have only be decided by the total score, and which team wins will not matter. Also in a similar bet, you can simply bet on whether the amount of total runs scored between the two teams will be an odd number or an even number.

» Cricket Prop Betting

Not only are there bets for team outcomes and scores but there are also multiple individual player prop bets available as well. This undoubtedly adds to the popularity of the sport, allowing fans to bet on their teams, and also their favorite players. These bets also encourage fans to learn more about Cricket in general, including both the teams and the players. Bettors can place bets on things like whom they think will be the top bowler of the match, and the person with the most wickets during the contest as well. On top of this bet, you also have the option to bet on how many wickets an individual player will make.

Not only can bets be placed on bowlers, but you also have the option of betting on the batsmen. Bettors can place bets on whom they believe will be the top batsman in a series or in a specific game typically Needless to say, if you are interested in Cricket betting there are plenty of great options as a bettor, along with many opportunities to win money.

» Major Events in Cricket

Several major events happen in the sport of Cricket as well throughout the year. These events draw great interest and are perfect for the multiple betting options listed above. The major event in Cricket, the ICC World Cup is held every 4 years, and this event is not only the biggest event in Cricket, it is one of the most popular events throughout the world. The ICC Champions Trophy, and the ICC World Twenty20 are also very important events, and they both take place every 2 years. The ICC also holds a Women's World Cup every 4 seasons in addition to the men's World Cup, which gives sports bettors just another opportunity to bet on Cricket. All of these tournaments overall are great opportunities for bettors because the events will typically last over several days or even weeks.

Cricket betting is very exciting because of the many different major events that are held, as well as all of the various types of betting options that are offered to sports bettors. Just like any other sport though, it's definitely recommended to do some research before betting on Cricket. The best way to learn about the sport is to watch the matches and read articles about the upcoming games. The more the bettor knows, the better chance they have at pulling in a profit.