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Darts Betting

The sport of darts is a sport that flies under the radar when it comes to sports betting, and there are a few different types of betting options when it comes to darts betting. Darts betting is actually considered to be one of the most exciting types of bets available out there, as a lot of the matches can come down to the wire. A lot of dart matches actually come down to even one dart to decide who wins or loses the match, making the betting on it even more exciting, but possibly a bit tougher also. The most common types of dart betting options are outright bets, futures betting, and match-up betting. We'll cover each type of darts bet a bit more in-depth here, and also give some examples as well.

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» Darts Outright Betting

The first thing that you will notice when it comes to darts betting, is that there is quite a range in terms of the odds. The reason for this being is because in an outright bet, you are essentially picking individual darts throwers to win a major championship. There is quite a bit of difference between some of the top throwers in the world, compared to the rest of the field. An example of the odds on one of the top dart throwers could be something around 1/2, meaning that for every $10 that you bet, you will win $5.00. But on the other hand, another player could be somewhere around 100/1, meaning that for every $10 you bet there, you would win $1000 back on your bet. As you can tell by the odds at any given major championship, the top darts throwers do have an advantage over a lot of other players in the field it seems. Here's an example of how an outright bet would look:

Odds to win the PDC World Championships:

  • Phil Taylor: 11/8
  • Adrian Lewis: 7/1
  • Simon Whitlock: 8/1
  • Mark Webster: 16/1
  • Scott Waites: 33/1
  • Terry Jenkins: 50/1
  • Steve Brown: 66/1
  • Colin Osbourne: 80/1
  • Andy Hamilton: 100/1
  • Kevin Painter: 125/1
  • Arron Monk: 150/1

As you can tell by these odds, they were can vary quite a bit.

» Darts Futures Betting

Darts futures betting will relate to one of the major events that are played in darts. The future bet is a pick on which darts thrower that you think will win the event, and while it is not the most common type of darts bet, it can be a very profitable bet still. A few events that typically include futures bets are the BDO World Championship, and the PDC World Championship. The odds on a futures bet in darts will vary quite a bit, depending on which thrower is favored. Here is an example of a darts futures bet:

BDO World Championship- To Win the Event:

  • Simon Whitlock: 10/3
  • Scott Waites: 7/2
  • Terry Jenkins: 13/2
  • Ted Hankey: 13/1
  • Mark Webster: 14/1

What these odds mean is that for every $3 that you bet on Whitlock, you would win $10 (10/3), all the way to Mark Webster where you could bet $1 to win $14 since he is a one of the larger underdogs in this situation.

» Darts Match-Up Betting

Darts match-up betting works quite a bit differently than you having to choose which player you think will actually win the event. Instead, the matches are set up as one vs. one, and your job is to pick which player will win between the two. This type of bet works similar to any other sports match-up bets, and the odds will vary depending on which player in the match-up is favored to finish higher. Darts match-up bets are similar to money line bets also, due to the fact that you are picking on a player to win out right. There is no lines or point spreads or anything, it is strictly which player will win the match-up. Match-up betting in darts is one of the more profitable ways to bet this sport, and it also gives you something addition to watch for during the event. Here is how a darts match-up bet could look:

Match-Up Bet:

  • Simon Whitlock: 1/7
  • Kevin Painter: 4/1

In this bet you would choose between Simon Whitlock and Kevin Painter for who would win the match-up bet. As you can see by the odds listed, Simon Whitlock is a heavy favorite in this situation at 1 to 7, and his odds would only pay out $10 for every $70 that you bet, which are far from the best odds that you'll find in a match-up bet. The underdog Kevin Painter is listed at 4 to 1, meaning that for every $10 that you bet on him, you would get $40 in profit. It's not surprising to see odds that range this much when it comes to a darts match-up bet, and that is why it is very important to do research before the event, and search through the match-up bets to find the best betting options available out there.