Formula One Racing Betting - F1 Betting Types & Strategy

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Formula One Racing Betting

Formula One betting is one of the more popular car racing sports out there. Formula One cars are some of the fastest cars in all of racing, and are able to reach speeds of up to 360 km/h. Formula One features multiple different race series in countries all around the world, and are known as Grand Prix races. Most people who know quite a bit about Nascar racing, will be surprised when watching a Formula One race, with how much different it is. Drivers do not race on racetracks, but instead on city streets and courses which are build for specific F1 races. The Formula One season runs from March to October and gives multiple different betting options for sports bettors. We'll cover the different types of Formula One betting options, and give some tips and strategy as well.

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» Formula One Betting Types

When it comes to betting on Formula One, you have multiple different options which range from betting on who will qualify for a specific race, who will win that specific race, or even on the championship races also. We'll cover a few betting types here, and explain what each bet means.

» Qualifying Bets

Qualifying bets are essentially just different betting options relating to the qualifying for the race which occurs a day before the actual race is ready to get underway. In this type of bet, you are going to be placing a wager on specific qualifying times of the drivers, as well as which driver will be able to win the pole position. Of course betting on which driver will win the pole position can be tough, with many drivers partaking in qualifying for the event.

» Individual Winner Bets

In an individual winner bet, you are placing a wager on which driver you think will win the actual race. Betting an individual race winner can be very tough, which is why the odds are very favorable on this type of bet. If you were to bet on one driver to win a Formula One race, the odds would vary quite a bit depending on the actual driver. When it comes to F1 betting though, it is a very top heavy sport, meaning that the top 8 drivers are typically the ones who pull in the wins throughout the season.

» Podium Finisher Bets

Betting on a podium finisher bet is basically just betting on drivers that will finish in the top 3 for the event. Placing this type of bet is an excellent way to make money and feel more confident in a bet on a driver who should undoubtedly finish inside the top 3.

» Match-Up Betting

Match-up betting is when two or more drivers are selected to compete against each other in a bet. The sports bettors job is to choose which one of the two or three drivers will win out of just that group. This type of bet makes F1 betting a bit easier as you only have to choose a driver to beat one or two other drivers, instead of to beat an entire field. It is recommended to stay away from this type of bet if the group that you are betting on includes two or three of the top 5 drivers out there.

» Formula One Prop Bets

Prop bets in Formula One are offered on multiple different things, that actually don't relate to the winner of the race. These can be some of the most fun and profitable bets available in F1 racing. A few examples of prop bets are things like the fastest lap, first driver to retire, fastest qualifier, and the over/under on seasonal race wins per driver. These bets give you other things to watch in the race on top of things like who will actually win the race itself.

» Formula One Futures Betting: World Drivers Championship and World Constructors Championship

These two bets are two different types of futures bets that are offered on Formula One. The F1 World Drivers Championship odds are typically offered as soon as the previous season is over, and are either closed off right before the season begins, or run a bit into the season itself. This futures bet is to decide which driver will be the best driver at the end of the upcoming season. The World Constructors Championship is given out to the top engine and car combination. This award is typically given out to the constructor of the car driven by the Drivers Champion (listed above), but does not always have to given to that same driver.

» Formula One Tips & Strategy

The first thing to look at, is what type of trends to follow, and which to stay away from. If a driver hasn't won recently, it's not a good idea to think that it will change anytime soon. This is a way to keep yourself from making bets that have low potentially of winning. On the other side of things, it is actually very tough for a driver to win 3 or more races in a row. So after about two races, it's probably safe to look into another betting option in terms of who will win the upcoming F1 race. Also, always remember to do your research. You will find that there is quite a bit of information available about drivers, races, and much more available to you. All of this information will make it so that you can make smart bets, and return profit quite often.