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Golf Betting

Golf is the most popular in the USA and Europe, but many other countries love golf as well and it's one of the few sports that's played by basically every country in the world. If you'd like to bet on golf events you can find odds at all of the best sportsbooks and there is a wide range of betting opportunities available at most major sportsbooks.

» Betting on Golf

Whether you're looking to bet on the PGA Tour, LGPA Tour, Senior Tour, European Tour or any other golf tour, you'll be able to at the major online sportsbooks. We've taken the time to detail all of the different types of golf bets below that'll help you make the most money from betting on the sport.

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» Golf Outright Winner Bets

Many golf fans that bet on sports will bet on major golf events by trying to predict the outright winner. You can pick any golfer that you think will win the tournament and the payout odds are always great because golf isn't dominated by a single group of golfers right now. There are lots of other ways to make money from betting on golf though and we recommend taking a look at the rest of the golf bets below.

» Golf Match Betting

At the beginning of every golf tournament sportsbooks will post match-ups between 2-5 golfers and you need to try and predict which golfer will do the best. You can bet on a golfer to do finish the 1st round with a better score than the rest of the group or you can bet on a golfer to finish with a better score at the end of the tournament than the rest of the group. To lower the juice that you pay on certain match-up bets there may even be a small spread. For instance, you might bet on Mickleson to beat Kuchar by at least -2.5 strokes in a given golf tournament rather then betting on Mickleson to simply beat Kuchar, as it lowers the juice you need to risk.

» Golf Parlays

Every sport allows you to bet on parlays and golf is no different. You need to combine 2+ different outcomes on the same wager and all of the outcomes need to win in order for your parlay to win. Parlays are great when you're trying to bet on a few big favourites, but they aren't always the most profitable way to bet, so make sure you learn more about parlays before betting too much on them.

» Golf Prop Bets

Online sportsbooks that have a lot of golf bettors will always post 100's of prop bets leading up to the major golf tournaments and they can be very profitable due to the weak betting lines. An example of a golf prop bet would be betting on Kuchar to score under 71.5 during a given round or for Kuchar to finish the tournament with a score of better than -12.5. Prop bets are great if you follow certain golfers or if you find a weak line amongst the 100's of prop bets available.

» Golf Futures Bets

There are plenty of futures bets during the golf season, but they can tie up your money for a long time. You can bet on which golfer you think will finish with the most winnings during a season on a specific tour or numerous other types of futures bets.