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Grand National Betting

The Grand National is run yearly at the Aintree Racecourse, and is run over an incredible four miles. This race is widely considered to be one of the toughest tests for horses and jockeys out of any race, as horses also must jump over thirty fences throughout the race. The Grand National takes place near Liverpool, England, and it has been held at the Aintree since way back in 1839, barring a few years where it was had to be held in another locations. This horse race draws an incredible amount of attention from the sports betting world as well, and offers some excellent betting options for you as well. We are going to take a look here at some of the top betting options on the Grand National, which is run each year in early April.

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» Grand National Prop Betting

Prop bets are another type of horse racing bet that is offered, that can give bettors some great options to win some money. The most common type of prop bet that is offered on a horse race is betting on things like if a horse will finish in the top 5. This bet is similar to betting on a horse to place, but allows you the option of having the horse finish all the way up to 5th place for you to get paid out on the bet. The odds on this bet typically won't pay out incredibly well, unless the horse that you bet on is a major underdog. Another type of prop bet, is betting on which country the winning horse will be from at the Grand National. In this bet, the odds will vary depending on how many different countries are included in the race, and also if there is a large number from one specific country. Horse racing prop bets are not the most popular type of bet on the Grand National, but can be very profitable when done well.

» Grand National First Four Bet

A first four bet is in no means considered to be an "easy bet", but it does give an incredible payout if you can connect on it. In this type of bet, you are choosing four horses to finish in the top four. As if that is not quite tough enough, you also have to choose the exact order that they will finish in as well. This bet can be incredibly fun (especially if you win that huge pay day at the end), but is definitely not the most popular type of bet offered at the Grand National.

» Grand National Box Bets

Box bets on the Grand National are very popular specifically in bets like the first four bet listed above. In a box bet of the first four bet listed above, you would choose more than four horses to finish in the top four; and your chances to win the bet would be higher. With this type of bet though, you would lose quite a bit of the payout on your odds, as it makes the bet a good amount easier overall. When betting a box bet on the Grand National, you are basically getting multiple first four bets, as you have many different ways to win the bet in the end. Box bets are very popular overall, and can be a great way to grind out a profit over the long term of horse race betitng.