2011 MLB Home Run Derby Odds & Predictions

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The 2011 MLB all-star game and home run derby is this weekend and the odds have been released for the home run derby. This year the all-star weekend festivities will be hosted at Chase Field in Arizona. The good news about the home run derby being at Chase Field is the fact that players will have a chance to try and hit home runs into a swimming pool in centre field. There have been a few small changes made to the home run derby in 2011 that we want to talk about quickly before getting to our picks.

This year the AL and NL will battle it out against each other in the derby. The team with the most home runs at the end of the derby will win cash that'll be donated to a charity of the team's choice. The format for the home run derby will still be the same, but this adds a bit of extra motivation for the players to try and do their best. Another change this year is MLB selected two players to be captains of the home run derby teams and the captains were able to select the other batters for their team.

» 2011 MLB Home Run Derby AL Odds

  • David Ortiz (Captain) +450
  • Jose Bautista +450
  • Adrian Gonzalez +450
  • Robinson Cano +700
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» 2011 MLB Home Run Derby NL Odds

  • Prince Fielder (Captain) +500
  • Matt Holliday +500
  • Matt Kemp +600
  • Rickie Weeks +1000

There is no doubt that the AL team is stacked compared to the NL team, but that doesn't mean anything. If you've ever watched the home run derby you'll know that anyone in the derby can potentially win. If one of these guys gets into a groove they can all potentially smack 20+ home runs out of the park in a single round. Betting on the 2011 MLB home run derby isn't the smartest bet to make in the world, but every action junkie needs a little bit of action on the derby.

» 2011 MLB Home Run Derby Predictions

  • Jose Bautista leads the MLB in home runs right now with 28 dingers on the season and he's obviously going to be a really popular pick this weekend. His swing seems effortless and I think if he can get in a groove he'll end up making it deep in the derby this year.
  • Prince Fielder is sitting with 22 home runs on the year and has a great chance at winning the derby this year. Prince may have trouble with stamina in the latter rounds, so I'm not particularly sold on him this year.
  • Matt Kemp is sitting at +600 right now, which is good value considering he also has 22 home runs on the season. Kemp has a really solid swing and he could definitely get into a groove and smack out a bunch of balls this weekend.

Like I said, anyone can win the home run derby, but I'm going to put a unit on Bautista. I'm a Jays fan and would love to see him win the derby this year and there is no question that he has a great shot. +450 isn't great odds, but none of the other players have much value either other than Kemp.

  • 2011 MLB Home Run Derby Prediction - Jose Bautista