Barcelona vs AC Milan Picks, Prediction and Odds

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Barcelona vs AC Milan Picks, Prediction and Odds

It was a nice competitive first leg between the two teams and same is expected to be in second leg. Barcelona and AC Milan would now fight for the Semi Final spot in UEFA Champions League this year. A win for either team would knock other team out of the competition. Despite of only 38% possession, AC Milan impresses one and all with their nice defensive ploys against Messi and Barcelona. Barcelona and AC Milan are going to meet again in Barcelona's home Camp Nou on 3rd April 2012 at 02:45 pm ET. Barcelona has been nearly invincible in their home ground in recent past but considering the way AC Milan played in first leg, they must not be underestimated.

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Barcelona has been in very good for and they've been a very difficult side to beat in their home ground. Although, AC Milan crowded Barcelona's Messi, Messi were looking threatening enough to score. They had more than 60 percent of possession in first leg but weren't able to score. Barcelona's players were furious after their penalty appeal was turned down. Barcelona has been playing well under home conditions and has won all of their last five games at Camp Nou. It would be interesting to see if they can repeat the same against AC Milan too.

In the first leg of quarter final, AC Milan was brilliant in defense. Although, Barcelona had the ball for more than 60% of the match, they were denied to score by AC Milan. They crowded Messi and therefore he was unable to score. This strategy of AC Milan proved to be very good and Barcelona would have to do something special to strike through this solid defense. Milan's average attack would concern its manager and players as they weren't able to score in friendly conditions of San Siro. AC Milan's game has definitely raised some questions on Barca's penetration ability but Barca would love to answer with their game.

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There were serious troubles faced by Barcelona in first leg against quality defense of AC Milan. Considering number of fouls and tackles, there is very high possibility of penalty to be awarded to either team. It would be AC Milan's attack against Barcelona's defense and if Barcelona can get a plan to counter AC Milan's defensive tactics, they should win this game.

  • Prediction: Barcelona-1 AC Milan-0

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AC Milan wasn't able to score in their home conditions and therefore it appears very unlikely for them to score in Barcelona's fort. Home conditions and good form make Barcelona firm favorites to win and hence qualify for the semis.

  • Pick: Barcelona -125