Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid Picks, Prediction and Odds

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Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid Picks, Prediction and Odds

It is real battle of aces in semifinals of UEFA Champions league now as Bayern Munich and Real Madrid play against each other on 17th April 2012 at 08:45pm. Both the teams are well known in their respective countries, in fact, both of them are in top few teams of their domestic leagues. If Bayern Munich manages to come out ahead after both the legs of semifinal, they'll be playing in their home ground in finals. Real Madrid, on the other hand, if wins after both the legs, there is high probability that they'll face Barcelona, home rivals, in the final to be held in Munich. This game would feature three of top five goal scorers in this competition with Gomez from Bayern Munich scoring twelve goals and Benzema and Ronaldo scoring 15 goals among them for Real Madrid.

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Both the teams are in tremendous form which is obvious from the fact that they have made it to the semifinals. In this year's Champions' League, in knockout games, Real Madrid has conceded only four goals against them while scoring 13 goals. On the other hand, Bayern Munich is better in terms or defending and a little less than Real Madrid in attacking as they've faced just one goal and scored 11 goals. In 2010, Bayern Munich experienced strong resistance from Real Madrid and the game ended in a draw (0-0), but this time around, there are lots of differences so nothing concrete can be concluded from their previous encounter in UEFA league.

If we look at past five games of both the teams, Bayern Munich win record is 100%, winning all their games while Real Madrid had to stay content with a draw against Valencia. Considering their form, Bayern is slightly ahead, but they'll surely be tested by Real Madrid in first leg of this much anticipated semifinal.

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There is very little to choose between these two sides as they both have played great football in their previous games. Considering form and a few other factors, I am slightly inclined towards Bayern Munich. I'd place my money on Bayern Munich for this game.

  • Prediction: Bayern Munich- 1 Real Madrid-0

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The chances of draw in this game are slightly higher as compared to other games but considering German team's form, they are more likely than not to pull this one off. I'll choose Bayern Munich as favorites, but not by much, to win this game.

  • Pick: Bayern Munich +163