Betting on the English Premier League 2011-2012 Winner Odds, Predictions, and Pick

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With the 2011-2012 English Premier League nearly set to kick off and get underway, there is no better time than now to look at who could potentially take down the League this year. Last year featured some incredible games, as well as some teams who finished at the top of the standings who surprised quite a few people. Manchester United finished the 2010 season with an impressive 80 points, nine points ahead of the second place teams, Chelsea (71 points), and Manchester City (71 points). Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool all finished near the top as well, with a solid 68 points, 62 points, and 58 points. As we head into the 2011-2012 season, there are quite a few of the same faces, and quite a few new faces as well.

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The 2011-2012 futures betting odds on the English Premier League winner vary quite a bit depending on each team, but do offer some excellent betting options. We expect that teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City will remain near the top of the standings, but there could be a few surprise teams as well. One thing to remember about futures betting in this type of situation, is that it could definitely be profitable to bet more than one team, and depending on the odds; even two or three teams. Let's take a look at the odds on this future bet.

» Odds

  • Manchester United: 7/4
  • Chelsea: 5/2
  • Manchester City: 7/2
  • Arsenal: 8/1
  • Liverpool: 11/1
  • Tottenham: 50/1
  • Aston Villa: 300/1
  • Everton: 300/1
  • Newcastle United: 1000/1
  • QPR: 1500/1
  • Sunderland: 2000/1
  • Blackburn: 2500/1
  • Bolton: 2500/1
  • Fulham: 2500/1
  • Stoke City: 2500/1
  • Norwich City: 5000/1
  • Swansea City: 5000/1
  • West Bromwich: 5000/1
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» Prediction

As you can tell from the odds listed above, there are quite a few huge gaps in terms of the odds of teams to win the 2011 English Premier League. In reality, it should come down to a 5 team race, but I wouldn't be incredibly shocked to see Tottenham surprise quite a few people. The top 3 teams will be powerhouses in this league, but will have targets on their backs. Teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham definitely have the talent to put pressure on these top three teams. After the 50/1 odds on Tottenham, it drops all the way to 300/1 on Aston Villa and Everton. Both of these teams have some strong talent, but in the end it won't be enough to knock off the top teams in the league.

» Pick

With all futures bets, it's always smart to bet on two or three teams with the odds that are given. In this situation, that may not be the best idea when taking a team like Manchester United who only has odds of 7/4. While Manchester United's odds are incredibly small for a futures bet, they have earned these odds over the past years, and I think that this is their year in the English Premier League. Their forwards are just too powerful overall to be stopped down the stretch, so I'm picking Manchester United to win the 2011-2012 English Premier League.

  • Pick: Manchester United at 7/4