Brazil vs Germany World Cup 2014 Semi Finals, Predictions, Picks And Odds

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Brazil vs Germany 2014 World Cup Semi Finals, Predictions, Picks And Odds

Most of the 2014 World Cup is already behind us and we are expecting the most exciting and the most important few games. And one of those is the first semifinal between Brazil and Germany which will be played on the 8th of July at the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte. When it comes to excitement and drama it can hardly get better than a match between two of the most successful national teams in the history of soccer World Cups. The Brazilians are the most successful so far and they have won the World Cup an incredible 5 times, whereas the Germans have lifted the trophy three times in the past. The last time Brazil won the World Cup was 12 years ago and they beat no other but Germany in the final. And the Germans haven't won since 1990 and they would surely be looking for revenge.


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The Brazilians have the home pitch advantage which can be crucial in such matches, but their coach, Scolari will have few problems with injuries and bans. Namely, he cannot count on Thiago Silva, Brazil's powerful center back who was suspended after earning his second yellow card on the tournament, and Neymar, which is even worse, because this creative forward was the cornerstone of Brazil's attack. All in all, we are in for an even and exciting game and a lot of interesting betting options and variants.

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The injury of Neymar Jr dramatically lowered Brazil's chances and now some sportsbooks give advantage to Germany. The odds for Brazil to win are in the range of +160 - +184, whereas if you think Germany will win you can get +190 odds, with the lowest odds being also +160. The odds for draw go from +220 up to +229. Since this is the knock-out phase you can also bet on which team is going to advance to the final, with odds for Germany going in the minus range of -120, and the odds for Brazil being around +100.

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You can also bet that one or the other team will win in the overtime or on penalties. You can always try to get the correct results and the odds for this type of bet are typically high. For example, betting that the correct result will be 3:2 gives you +4000 odds, as well as the 'opposite result' - 2:3. With Neymar out, Muller is the player with the lowest odds to score, with the odds of just +188, whereas the odds for Klose are +225. From the Brazilian team, Hulk is most likely to score, according to sportsbooks and the odds for that are +240. Of course, there is a countless number of various wagers and combinations available for this forthcoming soccer spectacle.