NFL predictions and preview for the Cowboys vs Lions Dec 26, 2016

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NFL predictions and preview for the Cowboys vs Lions Dec 26, 2016

Cowboys will meet Lions on Tuesday, December 26 2016, at 8:30 PM. If you are the fans of one of the team, you surely want to grab some information before catching up with the game. Remember, the date is getting near. That is why it is important to keep following the updates so that you will not miss any single important information related to the upcoming match.

Since I am going to pursue unbiased preview, I have to say that Cowboys will be the American team again. Well, the reason is well accepted. They will be meeting cheap-shot Lions. Lions is in the hard position right now. It is very reasonable presuming the Suh's suspension has been lifted. Lions are 1-4 against teams which are currently participating in the playoffs. They have been scoring no more than 20 points. The sad truth is that they only have 12 points per game average. Cowboys, on the other side, do not have any difficulty with 35 points.

Many people can not wait to catch up with the game. It is not exaggerating to say that it is going to be the game of the year. In the other side, the fans of Lons always have the trust that their favorite team will destroy Prescott and Elliot. I bet Lions team also have their eyes on Prescott and Elliot. If they are able to give a hard pressure on those players, Lions will have a chance to win the game. This is going to be an epic game since many have been expecting for high scoring from the both teams. It is almost positive that Levy and Abdullah will be on this game because teams and fans know that they are super stars already.

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If Lions win out and Dallas loses two out of three, the table will be turned. It is possible that the teams have been playing that way this year. Lions would have homefield throughout not to mention a first round bye.

The football season is in spicy mode. You can join with other fans for Monday battle. You will be served with popcorn and soft drink while you watch your favorite team in the upcoming game.

Cowboys, along with their perfect team, will jump on the opportunity to play in the last year as an extra little pump for their popularity. This is the chance to take field and gain a lot of attention from their usual fans. Playing in the last December is a huge benefit for Cowboys.

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