England vs Italy World Cup 2014, Odds, Predictions, and Pick

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England vs Italy World Cup 2014, Odds, Predictions, and Pick

It's always fun when England are playing against Italy, especially if it's the Soccer World Cup. And this year, during the group stage, on Saturday 14th June will have the chance to see this matchup. Both teams had certain problems recently and since this the opening game, both teams will be looking for a winning start. The hopes in the British public are high as usually.

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Sportsbooks, on the other hand, beg to differ and give the English only +225 odds of winning the Group D, putting them behind Italy and even behind Uruguay. Roy Hodgson is certainly hoping that young players, such as Sturridge and Wellback will be of great help to well-established veterans such as Gerrard, Lampard and the goalie Joe Hart. England have won the Cup only once, in 1966 and many don't think that this is their year. The Italians aren't one of the favorites either, but they are ranked better than the English. Moreover, they won the last match against England in a major tournament. That was the Euro 2012, when the Italians won on penalties.

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Traditionally, when England and Italy are playing, it's usually a low scoring game, that's why the odds for under 1.5 goals bet are as low as +150. Still, this bet covers both a 0-0 draw and a 1-0 victory for either team, so it's not surprising that many players would choose this bet. Some betting sites and landline based betting houses allow combined bets, therefore 'under 1.5 goals' combined with 'draw', which has a +210 odds, seems like a smart choice.

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However, if you support either of these teams, you might one bet on your favourite. Or you may think that one of the teams will, despite everything, manage to come out on top. The odds for Italy are about +150 at most respectable betting houses and +220 for the Three Lions. Of course, if you're feeling particularly self-confident about this game, you can try and guess the correct score. That kind of bets always have great odds for Soccer World Cup games. For example, a minimal 1-0 victory for England has around +700 odds and betting on the same result in favour of Italy, gives you +600 odds. For $10 you can gain $70, or $80. And if you have a rather unusual result, such as 3-3 in mind, the odds go as high as +10000.