Futures Betting on the College Football 2011 BCS National Championship

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Futures Betting on the College Football 2011 BCS National Championship

When it comes to making a futures bet on something like the 2011 BCS Championship, it can be a tough call with all of the teams that are offered across the board. The first thing to remember though, is that you don't actually have to choose only ONE team. There are over 45 teams listed with odds to win the BCS Championship, as well as a "The Field" option, with odds listed at +5000. The odds of the teams who are listed range anywhere from +400 (Alabama and Oklahoma) to +20000 (more than 10 or 15 teams). In my mind, out of all of these teams listed, there are really maybe 10 teams at most, who really have a shot to win the 2011 BCS Championship. The best way to do this is take a few of your favorite selections who have a realistic shot to win it all this year, and place small bets on each of those, but make sure that you are able to win back more than the money you bet.

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In reality, we can narrow it down to 10 teams who have a shot, but it looks like it could potentially be a four or five team race for the 2011 BCS Championship. The Oregon Ducks +1200 made a run last year, and have a strong core of their team back, which could potentially lead to another big run to the BCS Championship. Oklahoma +400 has an excellent quarterback, and is one of the big favorites this year to take down the BCS Championship. Wisconsin +1500 is another sleeper team as they are pretty deep at every position, and one of their big concerns was the quarterback position; until they picked up a great transfer in ex-NC State quarterback Russell Wilson. Two other teams that have a realistic shot are the Boise State Broncos +1800, and the Alabama Crimson Tide +400. The Broncos have been incredibly tough to beat over the past few years, and I could see them going undefeated this year potentially. If they are able to do that, it won't be a shocker to see them in the title game.

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» 2011 BCS National Championship Prediction

If I was forced to narrow this down to one, my pick would be the Oregon Ducks. They have what it takes to get the big game in terms of talent (strong quarterback and runningback), and if they get there again, I think they'll take it down. But if I'm going with the option of getting to choose 3 or 4 teams, my picks would be the Oregon Ducks, the Oklahoma Sooners, the Boise State Broncos, and the Wisconsin Badgers, due to the offensive firepower that all four of these teams have. All of these teams aside from the Sooners will pay out great than 10 to 1 on your money, with the Sooners paying out 4 to 1.