NFL predictions and preview for the New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Dec 22, 2016

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NFL predictions and preview for the New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Dec 22, 2016

If either Eagles or Giants want to have a chance to be the NFC East winner, they will have to win on Thursday. The Giants and Eagles are set to meet each other on December 22nd 2016 for the second time in the current NFL season since Week 9.

New York starts the week as 3 point favorite, but the line of betting has been dropped to 2.5 point. This means that Eagles is better team in the neutral field. But you need to know that the gap is slightly different. Although they have similar record, most folks agree that Eagles has been performing better in this season. It is admitted that they are great team this season. Of course if they keep their pace they will have the chance to attain the first divisional victory of 2016.

Long story short, New York Giants has improved defense. They have been playing well. They are 10th in points allowed. Thanks to their advanced rushing defense and opponent's passer rating which make them crawl to the top 10 in ranks. However, the only concern should be watched is that their team's offense has made some mistakes in multiple events. And there is no guarantee that they will play flawlessly when they are up against Eagles.

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At quarterback, Giants have 2x MVP of Super Bowl, Odell Beckham Jr. However, they have been having a hard time in scoring significant points. Giants are one of 7 NFL teams that haven't reached 30 point mark this season.

Philadelphia Eagles, in the other side, has slightly worse defense than Giants. Indeed, they did not start it well this season. But it is still amongst the NFL's best. That's why this game will be pretty hard to predict. Eagles are 8th in both points and yards. They have 7 fronts which may be able to create catastrophic condition in the Giants offensive line.

Giants, as we've seen from 2 games before, finally have the offensive uproar. And it may or may not come up when they are playing against Philadelphia on 22nd December later. It has been difficult weeks for Philadelphia Eagles's young receiving corps. Fans still remember how Nelson failed to break the 50 receiving yards in a game since the first week. This can be concern for this team.

The question for Giants fans and team is will ODell Beckham Jr show up in the field? It is inevitable that it has been a pretty hard year for the player. But don't forget that young receiver tends to add more energy to the fan base. So, what will happen next? Be ready for 22nd December game.

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