NFL predictions and preview for the New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins Dec 17, 2016

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NFL predictions and preview for the New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins Dec 17, 2016

Within 10 days, the rematch of the best rivalries in the football world will happen on Saturday. It will be epic, btw. Both teams have the prospect to win. In the previous matchup, Dolphins won. This fact, however, does not guarantee that they will win again over Jets. the thing is that both teams have been riding into winning streaks, and the upcoming game will be pretty hard to predict.

Viewing Jets, it looks like they are one of the bottom teams in the NFL. This happened not so long ago. However, they have been struggling to find their way out from the danger zone. And they made it to the rear of the division at 1-5. They was arguably hopeless even with the critics. However, Jets had such great chance after having 2 straight victories, and they have the chance to add another winning in Miami. Jets have been good rival of Dolphins for years. That is the fact, no matter what the record says.

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As looked as the Jets few weeks ago, Dolphins just look like them. However, they now come with such great offensive line so that Jets must concern about their defensive line badly. Jets will need to stop Dolphins 'known' rushing attack. It is not exaggerating when critics speak about unstoppable of Dolphins attack. In the last short weeks, their rush attack has been unstoppable. They made 200 yards so easily in the previous games. This must be concern for Jets.

Meanwhile, Jets has the top rushing defense properties. Jets has renewed the focus on some aspects. This matchup is going to be crucial to longevity of both teams.

In Jets offense, it is not a surprise that they rely on Matt Forte. Forte involvement has brought great results for the team so far. Forte will still be strong although he is on the arguable side of 30. If they can put him in the role, in both running and passing pace, it is going to be a tough task for Dolphins defense. However, if Dolphins improve their defensive line, Forte will have tough job to do. The tandem of Williams and Suh are not an easy thing to break down. This will be a great wall to beat. So, who do you think will win?

  • Matchup: New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Venue: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ
  • Date and Time: Sat, Dec 17, 2016 08:25 PM

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