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A site dedicated to predicting MMA fights

This year is soon over and we have a couple of high profile fights before the year is over. The upcoming fight, Weidman vs Anderson is highly anticipated and the odds are a lot closer this time. On the same card we have Rousey vs Tate and once again Rousey is a strong favorite, in fact she is a lot bigger favorite than last time. Even though Rousey is one dimensional and everyone on the planet knows it yet nobody is able to counter her. Rousey might be the easiest opponent to gameplan against but her superior grappling and judo skills has overwhelmed every single opponent she has faught including Tate. There is no indication that this time is different so unfortunately Tate's odds are probably not worth a bet even though they look tempting.

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http://mmabetting.biz is a site dealing with mma predictions with a strong focus on UFC fights. A winning track record and thousands of satisfied subscribers makes them a solid mma predictions site. All the upcoming UFC fights will be covered so head on to their site to read the latest ufc predictions. Hunt vs Bigfoot prediction article was just published. Their latest pick is Hunt. The reasoning: Hunt has been underrated almost his entire UFC career while Bigfoot has been overrated since his win against an over the hill Fedor. Hunt also has a homefield advantage so if the fight is close and goes to the judge's scorecards the decision will most likely go to Hunt. Australia hasn't shown the same nationality bias as Brazil but generally speaking if it's a close decision the home guy will be awarded. Will Hunt's TDD hold up? Will Bigfoot's chin hold up? We will see.

If you wish to participate in their prediction contests you will have to sign up to their mailing list. They also send out (free)premium picks to their subscribers. They also publish updates on facebook and twitter. Updates are almost daily since there are often line movements so to keep their readers up to date they send out regular tweets and mails.