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Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs, November 14 Pick & Prediction

On this upcoming November 14th, there will be an interesting NBA playoff between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. During the previous matches, Heat suffered two defeats during this year's playoff with pretty close scores, and in this match in November 15th; the two teams will meet again. This time, who knows what, will happen with the outcome. Both teams will fight for their role in the semifinals and finals, and it is true that the matchups are quite bizarre. Even you already have your own favorite team to support on this game, you should think of other possibilities that might influence the outcome.

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We have seen that Miami Heat doesn't play that bad early in this season, they just got a bit unlucky to meet the Spurs early in the game. This may not be a good sign since they were defeated twice in, both in the final. Simply thinking, the Miami Heat may get bested again in the game, but it is still not the conclusion. Learning from the two losses, we should think that Heats may have improved a lot and refine their strategy to prepare if somehow they are going to face the same team again, which is this November 14th.

The Spurs themselves played so well that they can get the champion's trophy once again. Even though their opponents have prepared their own strategy, it might be difficult to get an overwhelming victory. In this upcoming match, it is hoped that the Spurs could once again show their prime performance and get past the qualification rounds. With the performance of each player on top, then it is sure that no one will be able to score an easy victory. Up until this news is written, there are no signs or anything bad happening from the team, let us hopes that the condition will stay just fine.

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According to this season's summary, the Spurs haven't lost at home yet (28-0 SU) but you can expect a solid 15-8 on the road. San Antonio ranks in second in the Western Conference and has garnered victories in 18 of their last 20 games, including a surprising 106-102 nail biter to the lowly Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. With this, we should not hope that the odds will get any higher but sure it is quite thrilling to believe that we might get something good from the San Antonio Spurs.