NFL 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Preview and Picks

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NFL 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Preview and Picks

Two teams that have been stellar throughout and post season, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are soon to decide the winner of the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII. It is a clash of two titans that have had excellent results playing very differently from one another, with the Broncos favoring the frontal offence, as opposed to the Seahawks methodical and impregnable defense. The final tally on the potential winner is already under way, with many experts making their picks and deciding the outcome in advance.

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Denver Broncos - Offence

Ever since their 2014 NFL Draft the Broncos have managed to maintain a strong presence during the season. The AFC champions have managed to retain good odds thanks to their superior form and good results, varying from 15/2 at the beginning of the draft to 6/1 during the preseason.

With the 48th Super Bowl drawing ever nearer the odds are at -130 for the Broncos being victorious and claiming the mantle, a huge difference in payouts from the start when numbers were skyrocketing to +750. What the Denver Broncos might face is the problem of a snowy playfield that might hinder their favorite passing game style. We have to wait and see whether Payton Manning can take his second Super Bowl Crown, and first with the Broncos, who have been missing the thrill of success in the Super Bowl since XXXIII.

Seattle Seahawks - Defense

The NFC champion hasn't been the most favorable team to ever reach the lofty heights this season, though through methodical and rock hard defense, they've managed to turn the odds in their favor. With mere days before the big game, the Seahawks are still considered an underdog +110 and are there to make a welcoming surprise by testing their stellar defense led by Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson who will have to deal with the explosive Manning. They might have several aces up their sleeve and if the weather serves them right, i.e. goes snowy and slows to pace to a ground level, the Seahawks might yet have a chance.

Deciding Factors and Picks

Besides the physical condition and readiness, as well as the outcome of Broncos offensive might against Seahawks strong defense line, the weather will also play a key factor in the outcome of the game. Weather forecast is as of now predicting a cold and snowy weather set for the big day, and the impact of a frozen terrain is sure to favor the team from Seattle, due to their slower paced and defensive style, as opposed to the Broncos reliance on passing attacks.

As the XLVIII draws nearer, the majority of betting sites are already coming out with their own picks and predictions for the game, which are always entertaining in their innovative and detailed approach.

Currently there is a whole wealth of bets popping up all around the web, with bets going from the regular predictions about the match's outcome like who will win, who will become MVP, up to and including some truly bizarre and out of the box bets featuring the odds of snowing during the match, the possibility for a team up between Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers on stage and so on. Our own pick goes to Seattle Seahawks, mostly due to their superb defense.

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