Newcastle United vs. Liverpool Pick, Prediction and Odds

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Newcastle United vs. Liverpool Pick, Prediction and Odds

Having been placed at sixth position in the ongoing premiership football, Newcastle United would be travelling to St. James Park also known as Sports Direct Arena to compete against their former rivals Liverpool FC on fool's day. While Gerrard army will try to add one more win to their account, Newcastle on the contrary would love to make the home crowd happy. The match is to be played at 13:30hrs on Sunday but the excitement has already been running in all the football fans to watch this cut throat competition. Newcastle would try their best to compensate their previous loss against (4-3) the Liverpool boys while Liverpool would be looking for one more win to inch themselves to their 19th league title.

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Liverpool would be going in with all their spirits up after winning their last two matches against Wigan and QPR. After losing to Everton by a good difference of (0-3) on 13th March, they made a great comeback by beating WIGAN by (2-1) and QPR by (3-2). While on the other hand the form of Newcastle is a serious concern for them. After playing a draw to Sunderland by (1-1) the Newcastle boys made an impact by beating the well in form Arsenal by (2-1) but their joys didn't last long when they were unable to score even a single goal against NORWICH while on the other hand conceded one.

The plans of both the teams are already known to many as they've been playing monotonically in their last few matches. According to Alan Pardew, Newcastle manager, they would make it really difficult for Liverpool to make the crosses work but on the other hand they do know and believe that Andy Caroll would really be a major task to stop if it's his day. Liverpool would be sticking to their basic plan to play as safe as possible in the initial minutes and then make their moves to get the lead.

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Though Newcastle is on a low side considering their performance in their past few matches but no one can dare to take them lightly, specially, when they are playing in their home conditions but Liverpool has been constantly proving their metal so it is going to be a tough task for the home side to stop them for their winning run.

  • Prediction: Liverpool-2 Newcastle United -1

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Though both the teams are composed of many star players, it is always better to go with the team on a winning stride.

  • Pick: Liverpool +140